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Episode #5

ESCAPE! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

Lina awakens to find herself hanging from the edge of a long rope, in the center of what seems to be an abandoned church. Zelgadiss, Zolf, and Dilgear the werewolf stand around her, demanding that Lina reveal the whereabouts of the Orihalcon statue. Lina refuses to tell them, saying that she slapped a protection spell on it so that they couldn't track it with magic. Zelgadiss realizes that that kind of magic is nowhere near the weak magic Lina used in the earlier battle and concludes that, for Lina, it's "just that time of the month."

Zelgadiss leaves, telling Zolf he can do as he wishes to Lina... and then Zolf gets a prompt boot to the face. Zolf tries to get Dilgear to show Lina his fearsome fangs in an attempt to intimidate Lina... which seems to work, because Lina starts telling Zolf the location of the statue in a quiet, fearful whisper. When Zolf leans close to hear better, Lina screams and blows out Zolf's eardrums.

Annoyed, Zolf calls irritably for Noonsa. A giant fish with legs and arms storms through the door, terrifying Lina as Zolf commands Noonsa to "give the girl a kiss!" Noonsa is all too happy to comply and does so, and Lina, disgusted from the stench of the fish, boots the fish-man into the other three, laying down insult upon insult onto Zolf. Zolf has had quite enough of Lina's mouth by then, so he gags her and retorts with insults of his own, while Lina is defenseless. Dilgear comments, "Now that's hitting below the belt!"

Meanwhile, outside can be the heard an odd clanking. Zelgadiss, asleep, hears the clanking in his dreams and is brought into a nightmarish flashback. In the dream, a younger, human Zelgadiss was training, and Rezo, the Red Priest, arrives. Rezo entwines his mystical aura around Zelgadiss, transforming him into a chimaera... Zelgadiss awakens from his dream in the golem equivalent of a cold sweat.

Lina is startled awake by Zelgadiss telling her to remain quiet. Zelgadiss draws his sword and swings...

Lina falls to the floor, her hands now unbound. As Zelgadiss tosses Lina's armor and cloak back to her, she ventures, "You must've fallen for your lovely captive, right?" Zel's stone-cold gaze tells her no, and they escape the hideout. As they head off, they stop at a lake so Lina can get a drink. Zelgadiss watches the trail for followers, and while his back is turned, Lina is pulled into the lake from behind.

Noonsa is the abductor; he drags Lina to the lake's floor, but she manages to escape from his grasp. Noonsa charges at Lina for an attack... which Lina easily sidesteps, burying Noonsa in the sandpile behind her. Noonsa shakes himself off and charges again, only to find himself buried again. Lina tries to escape again, but Noonsa unleashes a volley of spines into the water, forcing Lina to take shelter behind a rock. Just when she is about to pass out from the lack of air, Zelgadiss appears behind her, surrounded by a bubble of air - his version of the Raywing spell. Zelgadiss surrounds Lina with the sphere as well, giving her the much-needed air.

By this time Noonsa's actually figured out where Lina is, and charges the sphere. Zelgadiss and Lina pull out of the sphere, letting Noonsa into it... and once he's inside, Zelgadiss casts a fireball into it. The sphere neatly contains the fireball's flames, roasting Noonsa to a crisp.

Zelgadiss and Lina resume their journey, during which time Zelgadiss reveals that he wants nothing more than the Orihalcon statue. Lina figures that Zelgadiss is now her bodyguard for the duration, and continues walking. Only she walks into an old acquaintance... Rezo, the Red Priest.

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