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Episode #7

GIVE UP! But, Just Before We Do, The Sure-Kill Sword Appears!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

Fish. Lots of fish. Lina's quite hungry after the past day or two, and she's got a whole stack of fish collected for dinner. Zelgadiss warns her that the pair has to make it to Madiran by nightfall. And, of course, there's the trolls who decide to attack again. Lina, feeling a little better, decides to try out her magic again, and flambé's the trolls with a fireball. "That time of the month" seems to be over for Lina... of course, so is dinner. Her pile of fish? "They... they're charcoal!" Then comes another round of attackers; Berserkers this time...

Rezo forms a magic circle and contacts Zorom, of the Mazoku (Race of Monsters). Rezo asks that Zorom recover the Philosopher's Stone hidden within the Orihalcon statue, and kill the betrayer Zelgadiss. Mazoku feed on the fear of the human soul, but Rezo asks that Zorom make Zelgadiss' death as painless as possible. Zorom agrees, "I will do enough to satisfy us both."

Lina and Zelgadiss make it to the next town, which seems to have been abandoned for ten years. Zelgadiss reveals that Rezo's forces can track him easily, as Zelgadiss' Chimaera body was created by Rezo's magic and has a particular "scent." Lina senses the forces amassing around her as they speak, and shouts for them to come on out. And so they do. Berserkers, trolls, zombies, and numerous other assorted nasties. Dilgear underestimates Lina, thinking she's still as weak as before; perfect opportunity for Lina to launch a fireball into the midst of the enemies. Lina and Zelgadiss agree to split the battle between them, and they separate. Though Dilgear's forces seem to concentrate primarily on Zelgadiss...

Not to worry, though, Lina has her own problems. Zorom confronts Lina, and easily dodges the fireball she tosses at him... until she makes it pull a U-turn and toast him from behind. The monster still survives, though, and continues... "Tell me where the Philosopher's Stone is and I'll let you live." Lina rightfully doesn't trust Zorom, and backs away behind a building's rooftop. Zorom sends a volley of energy bolts at Lina...

In another part of the city, Dilgear and his party track Zelgadiss to the inside of a building... only Zelgadiss collapses the building down on top of him. Dilgear works his way out of the rubble, finding Zelgadiss smirking from above...

A sword rings out and deflects the energy bolts away from Lina. Gourry has finally found Lina, and stands over her as her "guardian," to Lina's partial protest. Zorom repeats his request for the Philosopher's Stone, and Gourry says that they don't know where it is, he only knows about the Orihalcon statue, which he shows to Zorom. Lina irritably begs for Gourry's attention, and when Gourry leans down to listen to her, Lina grabs him in a headlock and retreats.

Hiding in a barn, she tells him that magic and melee weapons won't work on Mazoku, and that they are like high-density ghosts. Lina tells Gourry that Zorom is after the Philosopher's Stone, which is inside the statue, and that it has the potential to control the whole world. Gourry completely misses the point, giving Zorom time to find them in the barn

Zelgadiss wipes out all of his opposition, and it finally comes down to just him and Dilgear. But then, Zolf and Rodimus arrive on the scene...

Lina tosses a flare arrow at Zorom as a distraction for Gourry to leap in and bisect Zorom down the middle... only Zorom seems unaffected. Indeed, Zorom metamorphoses into a more powerful form, growing two more arms!

Dilgear thinks he's won with Rodimus and Zolf by his side... only Rodimus moves to stand by his master Zelgadiss, having nothing to do with Rezo's orders. Dilgear swings at Rodimus and gets an axe-head buried in his stomach.  Zolf joins Zelgadiss as well, and fills Dilgear full of holes with a flare-arrow barrage. Dilgear swears his revenge, "I'm gonna tell Rezo!" and promptly faints. (He'll regenerate - he's half-troll, so don't count him dead yet.)

Meanwhile, Gourry tells Lina to cover him after a careful retreat. Gourry sheathes his sword and withdraws a slender needle. Zorom looks curious at Gourry's simple approach, as Gourry sticks the needle into his sword with a careful click. He then draws the sword hilt... with no blade, now, and asks Zorom, "Do you understand now?"

Zorom sure doesn't understand, and neither does Lina, as they begin to form attacks around Gourry... only Gourry holds the sword hilt, "LIGHT, COME FORTH!" he shouts, and the hilt glows with a supernatural light, forming a blade! Gourry rushes towards the surprised Zorom and slashes him down the center as before... and Zorom dispels into a wispy cloud of demonic vapors and a mass explosion. Lina is completely awestruck, and steps towards Gourry... "Gourry...."

"Give me that sword!" Without even a thank you for the effort, Lina tries to convince Gourry to hand over the sword, to no avail. Meanwhile, Zelgadiss, Zolf, and Rodimus walk up, and Gourry stands ready for an attack. "Zelgadiss is on our side now, just give me the sword," Lina says. Zolf takes off his mask and extends a hand to Lina, who smiles, "I forgive you!" as she shakes his hand. They resolve to go off to defeat Rezo together.

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