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Episode #15

OH NO! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody!

Synopsis written by Tim Miller

Can a person get used to fighting off bounty hunters and allies of justice? Lina seems to be doing a fine job of it - she actually tells a trio of warriors that if she was serious, she would have killed them with that fireball. But then someone finally shows up who isn't a bounty hunter, or any such thing; he doesn't have any interest in capturing anybody, and he's carrying a white flag.

Lina and Amelia don't seem impressed, as Lina smacks him away and the two girls try to shoo him off. Gourry has no idea what's going on, but Lina musters her courage for a closer inspection ... then gets Amelia to cast Flow Break on the unfortunate man, breaking a spell that had been cast on him.

The young man's name is Hallas Ryzu, and he's the son of one of the richest families in that area. The woman who cast the girl-repellant spell on him is a sorceress named Cally, who's infamous for marrying her daughters to wealthy men and then getting every last bit of wealth the men had through her daughter's newfound influence. Lina has heard of Cally, but thought that all nine of her daughters were already married. Hallas is presently engaged to marry the tenth daughter, but Cally told him that she'd let him go if he got another girl to marry him within a week's time ... at which point, as Lina determines, Cally slapped the girl-repellant curse on Hallas and left.

But now the spell is broken, and Hallas Ryzu knows exactly who the girl is that he's going to marry:

Lina Inverse.

Predictably, Lina refuses; she's only fifteen, after all, and she doesn't plan on getting married this young. Hallas agrees that they can just pretend to marry, but Lina's still not going for it, even when he offers a carriage for them to travel to Sairaag. So he offers to pay her; it takes the promise of five thousand gold pieces before Lina agrees.

And so Cally is talking to her daughter one evening, the night that Hallas is due back, when he arrives in the company of his new fiancee, "Mina Inerz," accompanied by her handmaid Mary and her butler, Gagarin. Cally is understandably surprised to find that the spell she put on Hallas has been broken, and tries to probe Mina's mind - and when she manages to block it, Cally realizes that this girl is a sorceress. Between "Mina's" skill and Gagarin's very loose (fake) mustache, she realizes that these two are the wanted criminals, Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev; Cally immediately starts planning to capture them for the reward.

Some distance away, the swordsman Zangulus comes across the three warriors whom Lina toasted just before Hallas found them, and picks up Lina's trail based on what they tell him; Vrumugun also shows up, showing no ill effects despite the fact that he was disintegrated by a Dragon Slave in the last episode. Zangulus welcomes him back, "So the phoenix returns," and the two of them proceed on their way.

Lina makes a truly stunning bride the next morning, and Hallas tries to ask her to marry him for real; she doesn't think much of the idea. Outside the chapel, Cally makes her own last-minute plans, coordinating with yet another group of bandits who are after the money for capturing Lina and Gourry.

The wedding seems like it's going to proceed without a hitch, except for three things: first, Lina absolutely refuses to kiss Hallas (or be kissed for that matter); then Cally stands up, declaring the ceremony an absolute fraud and exposing Lina and Gourry for who they really are - and instead of the bandits charging in, Zangulus makes his entrance. Cally throws a fireball at Lina, and the explosion is the bandits' cue to come charging into the fray as well.

Lina makes her escape up the stairs, but her wedding dress is taking heavy damage from all the spell attacks she's dodging. Amelia tries to stop Vrumugun with a Bram Blazer, but he blocks it; Gourry is too busy fighting this horde of bandits to go and help Lina, but he eventually gets Hallas to take care of them for him and charges upstairs as well.

By the time they all gather in one of the bedrooms, Lina's dress is in absolute tatters and "not really decent," as she puts it; Cally and Vrumugun both attack at once, casting Flare Arrow and Freeze Arrow respectively, but their spells fizzle out, counteracting each other. Amelia finally throws a sheet to Lina, and she covers herself long enough to cast Mega Brand ... blowing up the Ryzu house.

Lina, Gourry, and Amelia are able to make their escape in a horse- drawn cart - not the carriage that they were hoping for, but it's something. Lina is sitting quiet and withdrawn for a little while before she starts screaming about the five thousand gold pieces they never even got - but at least they got away with their lives and freedom.

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