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Episode #25

YES! Final Hope, the Blessed Blade!

Synopsis written by Lina Inverse (

As we last saw her, Lina Inverse lay dead at the hands of the Clone Rezo, while defending Sylpheel against an attack. Her companions group around her and Sylpheel immediately rushes to her side, closing her eyes and beginning a healing spell, begging Amelia to help her as Rezo watches, curiously. Gourry inquires as to whether or not Lina will survive; Sylpheel answers that she might, but without a full healing spell she won't last long.

Gourry nods, taking leadership and ordering Sylpheel to retreat with Lina, while he and the others hold of Rezo, who by now is insisting that Lina not be moved so he can finish her and the others off properly. Sylpheel agrees and begins to run off with Lina over her shoulder; Rezo attacks and the pair are thrown into the air, only to be saved by a last-second Raywing bubble from Zelgadis, who orders Sylpheel to hurry and get Lina to safety.

As the priestess makes good her escape via magic, Rezo continues his angry tirade at Zel, Gourry, and Amelia, stating that without the death of Lina Inverse his life has no purpose. Zelgadis angrily counters by asking what comes next, once Lina is dead. Much to his horror, Rezo replies that nothing else matters except for the correct death of Lina Inverse, so that he can surpass the original. Everything else is incidental. He then attacks Zelgadis, who is saved at the last minute by a defensive field courtesy of Amelia. However, the blast overwhelms Amelia's hasty shield and knocks both princess and chimera back a good ten feet or so. Rezo prepares to attack again, but Gourry intervenes by throwing himself and the Hikari no Ken into the path of Rezo's blast. Zelgadis chides Amelia to save her own skin, but can't seem to stay mad at her...however, neither has time to talk as Gourry requests their aid in holding Rezo back.

We cut to Sylpheel, who guides the Raywing bubble under the roots of Flagoon to the now-rubbled city of Sairaag. She dispells the magic, then carries Lina on foot through the wreckage to what remains of a bedroom, laying her down on a hastily procured blanket. Sylpheel, somewhat desperate now, notices Lina's grey color and immediately begins mundane healing techniques like CPR; however, when these fail to work she steels her will and begins chanting the Recovery spell. As the power flows through her, she sees visions of her happy life with Eruk, memories of her short trip with Lina and her companions, and all the violence since...she shouts that no more must die, and finishes the spell, filling Lina with holy healing energy. Exhausted by the attempt, a sweating and weary Sylpheel falls to the ground beside a now-healed but still unconscious Lina.

Outside things are not going well for Zelgadis, Amelia, and Gourry, whose attacks are repeatedly shot down by a now-ranting Rezo who demands that Lina Inverse be brought to him from wherever she's hiding. Just when things look bleakest, however, who should come wailing across the horizon on his white horse but Prince Philoniel el di Saillune, on a rescue mission to save Amelia and defeat this horrible evil. Gourry and Zelgadis are too stunned to do much more than gape (Zelgadis comments dryly, "They won't let us turn this show serious without a fight"), while Amelia praises her brave and noble dad. Rezo seems for the most part unphased by this, until Phil arrests the copy Red Priest. When Rezo asks what Phil will do if he doesn't comply, the hefty prince replies that while he may not like violence, he may have to resort to it if Rezo doesn't come quietly. Rezo of course refuses, and Phil launches himself into the Pacifist Crush, mace and all.

Naturally, Rezo swats Phil like a fly, and the Prince is narrowly saved at the last minute by a still-stupefied Gourry. Realizing they are outclassed (and needing to get the psycho Saillune monarch away from Rezo), Amelia chants Dark Mist and the four beat a hasty retreat toward Flagoon, leaving a laughing Rezo in the dust.

Meanwhile, under the roots of the Holy Tree, a drop of water awakens the sleeping Sylpheel, who finds to her delight that Lina was in fact saved by her healing magic. She glances around the ruined room, discovering a doll of her own and quietly reminiscing about her childhood via the toys and furniture in the ruined room. However, this sparks an idea in her and she quickly gathers up the still-comatose Lina over her shoulder, heading toward the door with a vow to help her save the world...of course, she knocks Lina's head into a thick root, then panics, praying she doesn't remember it when she awakens.

Outside, Rezo begins to get a little antsy, and takes his aggression out on the Holy Tree, repeatedly lancing it with blasts of magical energy and shouting for Lina Inverse to come out and face him. Phil, Gourry, Amelia, and Gourry are hiding somewhere in the ruins near the tree. Amelia applies some healing magic of her own to Phil's injured ankle, while Gourry inquires why he came. Phil was naturally worried about his daughter Amelia from all the bounty hunters after her (he calls her a "delicate soul like me!", a line Zelgadis counters with "Who's as delicate as who?"). While they have the time, the group tries to think of ways they can fight Rezo; suggestions range from a Meggido Flare at close range to a variety of other nonsense, with Amelia pintedly calling each suggestion maker absolutely NUTS for thinking they can beat Rezo with normal magic. That sparks an idea in Gourry: he claims that "we need that Spirit spell with all the Spirit!" Zelgadis gets confused by this and offers, "The Ra-Tilt?"

This of course leads us to an SD Lina figure against a dark background. "Where is Lina? Why doesn't Lina have any lines?" and the such are heard, leading up to "Pretty Lina's Magic Lecture!" The SD Lina proceeds to explain the theory behind a powerful astral magic like the Ra-Tilt, which works by shredding the astral link of even the largest and strongest Mazoku and dark servants. The whole scene is very comical but a little bizarre; at the end Gourry's plan is revealed: "If we have more spirit than our enemy, we can win!" It is of course up to level-headed Zelgadis to point out that if the Ra-Tilt didn't work on Shabranigdo, it probably won't work on Rezo either.

Cut to Sylpheel finally coming to the end of her journey, near a lake in which she states she can find the core of the Holy Tree, an item that can hold back Zanaffar's evil miasma: the Blessed Blade. Laying her cloak down and Lina on top of it, Sylpheel creates a magical bridge across the lake to the center, where the glowing Blessed Blade hangs, covered in vines, above the water. Just as she claims it, however, she hears a voice: "Planning on going somewhere without me?" Sylpheel turns to find Lina sitting up and giving the thumbs up. However, in her excitement Sylpheel forgets her spell and plummets into the water, swimming to shore with the sword.

As Sylpheel hugs Lina, she apologizes profusely, stating everything was her fault. Lina excuses herself politely, then hauls off and smacks Sylpheel, who staggers from the blow, then looks up at a now in full form Lina Inverse, who comments that she was responsible herself for trying to save Sylpheel and that the slap was for hitting her head. (Syl: "Oh, so you remembered?" Lina: "HOW COULD I FORGET?!") She spies the Blade and surmises that Sylpheel wants to take it and help Gourry and the others, but tells the priestess that she will probably only get in the way.

Sylpheel shakes her head no, explaining that she wants Lina to take the blade and defeat Rezo herself. When Lina doesn't seem to understand, Sylpheel explains that the Blessed Blade is the heart of the Holy Tree Flagoon, and that it possesses the Tree's power to absorb Zanaffar's powerful evil miasma when he's not permitted to attack. Lina seems skeptical, but Sylpheel shares her premonitions about the Tree, noting that Rezo won't approach Flagoon at all, as if he were afraid of it. Lina nods, then asks Sylpheel to come with her, taking the Blessed Blade and hopefully formulating a plan to defeat the powerful Copy Rezo, as we see all of our heroes preparing for what may be their final battle...

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