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The MAGIUS RPG is an extensible roleplaying system which has been applied to many anime and manga series over in Japan. Based on the traditional hit-point system, the system seems to involve the use of a book for stories... I'm not quite sure if the books simply provide scenarios to be roleplayed without further reading, or if the books are more like a choose-your-own-adventure game for one to roleplay through by one's self. In any case, there are at least five such books for the Slayers scenarios: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
  • Together with Naga (ナーガ様といっしょ)
  • The Giant Dungeon Strategy (だんぢょん大作戦)
  • Enter! Lina's Magic Classroom (入門!リナの魔法教室)
  • Adventure in the Holy Kingdom (聖王都あどべんちゃあ)
  • Replay: Naga's Full! (リプレイ ナーガ様がいっぱい)


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