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Episode #6

FOCUS! Rezo's the Real Enemy!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

Rezo chides Zelgadiss for trying to let Lina escape, saying "It's obvious you're working against me now." Lina, seemingly ignored by the other two, realizes that they were originally working together, contrary to what Rezo had told her earlier (see episode 3 for details) Zelgadiss argues with Rezo, claiming that while he did want to be more powerful, he didn't want to be transformed into a Chimaera. Lina tries to step out of the argument in the confusion, but Zelgadiss grabs her. "Using the girl as a shield, Zelgadiss?"

Maybe not. Zelgadiss throws Lina at Rezo as a weapon. Or, rather, a diversion, as Zelgadiss rushes past him to pick up the tossed Lina, and tosses a flurry of fireballs behind him to keep Rezo occupied for the escape.

Back in Zelgadiss' former hideout, the crispy carcass of Noonsa is returned. "Who could have done this... to reduce him to this crisp, delicious-looking morsel?"  At that moment, a vision of Rezo appears and tells Dilgear that he can obtain his revenge by destroying the traitor Zelgadiss. The other minions make good use of Dilgear's preoccupation... "YOU ATE HIM ALL?!"

Lina and Zelgadiss take time out beside another lake, and Zelgadiss tells Lina his story. Rezo truly is the one known as the Red Priest, "but suppose he wasn't always what he is now?" Rezo told Lina that Zelgadiss wanted to resurrect Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo, the Dark Lord, with the Orihalcon Statue, yet Zelgadiss had known nothing about Shabranigdo. He tells Lina that he and Rezo are both after the Philosopher's Stone.

Of course, the Philosopher's Stone is hidden within the Orihalcon statue, which Lina gave to Gourry for safe-keeping. The Philosopher's Stone works as a magic amplifier, and is said to be part of the Staff of Gods upon which the world is supported. The Philosopher's Stone can give its wielder the potential to do practically anything desired, such as destroying a kingdom. Zelgadiss supposes that Rezo wants to restore his sight with the Stone's power. Zelgadiss wants to use the Stone to kill Rezo for inflicting the Chimaera's curse upon him. Lina, sensing Zelgadiss is getting depressed again, asks how Zelgadiss knew Rezo. Zelgadiss supposes that Rezo is both his great-grandfather and his grandfather.

Now with that out of the way, it's time for another attack; twenty or thirty trolls, led by Dilgear, surround the two magic users. Dilgear, after Zelgadiss for revenge of Noonsa's death and betrayal, is held at bay by Zelgadiss' Dug Haut spell. The spell causes spikes to rise upwards out of the ground and skewer the vast majority of the trolls, leaving Zelgadiss and Dilgear facing off. Drawing their swords for a duel, Zelgadiss shoves Lina aside and attacks!

Zelgadiss and Dilgear duel for a while, until Zelgadiss manages to slice Dilgear's shoulder. Dilgear, though, is half-troll, so the wound quickly disappears due to the accelerated healing of trolls. Dilgear strikes back, catching Zelgadiss in the stomach... only Zelgadiss is one-third golem, so Dilgear's sword shatters from the impact against the stone. "If you wish to kill me with a sword, it had better be the Sword of Light!" Dilgear makes a hasty withdrawal.

Lina and Zelgadiss resolve to continue onwards to Atlas City, where they will hopefully rendezvous with Gourry and retrieve the Orihalcon Statue and the prized Philosopher's Stone.

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