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Episode #7

Cooking surprise! Chase the phantom dragon!


Once again, Lina finds out about a new restaurant. This one supposedly serves Lake Dragon meat. It's just that it's all-you-can-catch. Lina stalks down the managers and runs into this guy that looks like a cowboy, who has been trained to hunt dragons all his life. He notices that Lina's group looks a lot like his own family, and asks them if they'd mind helping him out, slaying the Lake Dragon.

The group embarks out onto the lake to catch the dragon, while Xelloss watches. Zelgadiss was initially thrown overboard as an anchor, but the lake dragon doesn't seem interested in demi-humans. So they disguise the boat as a dragon. The lake dragon is mildly amused, and destroys the boat.

While stuck ashore for the night, Amelia has a conversation with the cowboy guy. He tells about his daughter and the promise he made to continue to hunt dragons. He tells of his training, with another dragon hunter, and how he was deadly accurate with his throwing knives.

The boat gets rebuilt in the morning and they send Gourry and Zelgadis out as bait this time. Gourry's hair seems like a fish to the dragon, underwater, and the dragon comes out. After a little bit of fighting, the cowboy guy ends the fight by incapacitating the dragon.

Lina's starved. She's been looking forward to the delicacy of dragon meat for a long time. Only problem is, the dragon meat needs to be PREPARED for a long time, much longer than Lina's hunger can be put on hold. If you don't prepare the meat properly before eating it, you will die. Lina says that she doesn't care if she dies or not, she will eat!! And they end up being forced to drag Lina out of the restaurant before she blows it up... Xelloss, meanwhile, notices the locket of the cowboy's, and realizes with amusement that they do indeed look like his family, and that it wasn't just a trick to get them to come along...

Side note, thanks to Lin from Taiwan: Ashford had said that Amelia bore a resemblance to his granddaughter, Lina looked like his daughter, Gourry looked like his son-in-law, and Zel looked like his wife!

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