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Episode #26

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Fibrizo stares into the face of Lina, still gleaming golden, and begs for mercy. He calls her his mother, and starts laughing in her face, demanding to know why she made the trip out to see him. She will not listen to him, though, and is hardly moved by his words, so he enlarges his magic aura and attacks her. But she returns the attack, tenfold. In fact, she utterly destroys him.

Sylpheel has awoken, and after a wave of energy, the others are awake as well. The torn and battered Fibrizo staggers out of the energy-sphere surrounding Lina's body, and is ripped apart just after doing so. The energy fades slightly, revealing Lina once again, but her impassive look betrays that she is not truly herself. Xelloss appears and confirms this fact, revealing that she has become one with the Lord of Nightmares, and that there is little if any hope of Lina ever coming back to the world of the living.

The tacit incarnation of the Lord of Nightmares speaks, saying that (I think) the one who was destroyed, Fibrizo, was done so for betraying the Lord's will. The incarnation turns to Xelloss, who kneels to her in service. The Lina-incarnation then turns away, despite vivid protests from Zelgadiss and Amelia, and even Martina and Zangulus. But Gourry is the one who steps forth... nay, LEAPS forth after the departing incarnation, and chases her all the way back up to the realm of darkness left in the wake of the Giga Slave.

As Gourry leaps across the rising boulders towards the realm, Amelia, Zelgadiss, and Sylpheel follow suit, leaving the flightless Zangulus and Martina behind. Zangulus tells Martina that they should depend on Zoamel Gustav for his protection. But, only Gourry makes it within the realm whenever it finally closes, dropping everything else back into 'real' space. Within that realm, Lina's form can again be seen, but she is within another sphere. The Sword of Light finds its way to the sphere and is sucked within it, allowing Gourry passage. He reaches inside and grabs Lina's arm, but the tacit shell of Lina just stares blankly back at him. The shell fades away, leaving Gourry holding nothing.

But, for some reason, droplets of energy appear, after a few moments. They coalesce into the form of Lina... the real one, not the glowing one. She wakes up, and they find themselves in a loving embrace. But it seems they are still locked inside the alternate realm, even if the Lord of Nightmares has returned home.

Sylpheel and the others mourn the loss of Lina, Gourry, and everything, from the wrecked remains of Sairaag. Sylpheel thinks she hears something, though, and they look to the pediment of a ruined building... where Lina and Gourry fade back into existence, still in their embrace. Amelia and Sylpheel are patently surprised to see this, and, apparently, so is Lina, for she smacks the hell out of Gourry as soon as she realizes he's hugging her.

Lina explains that she doesn't remember a single thing after she cast the Giga Slave, when she was possessed by the Lord of Nightmares. Amelia wonders if Gourry remembers anything, but he doesn't give a straight answer. Just then, Martina and Zangulus, who the others thought had perished, enter, and they invite the foursome to a wedding. Theirs. Martina nudges Lina a bit, asking when her wedding will be, to which Lina just looks at Gourry and blushes. (She didn't hit Martina, which I guess is a good sign.)

Martina seems to enjoy the wedding and Zangulus at her side, but he seems like he'd rather disappear than be in front of so many people. Though the wedding is not as... grandiose as one might hope, as the whole castle falls down on top of them like a cheap movie set. In fact, it IS a cheap movie set.

Lina tugs Gourry aside and says that she's going on another adventure. Gourry says that he needs a new sword, and, lo and behold, one appears in front of him. Actually, Xelloss is there with Gourry's Sword of Light. He says that he has other matters to attend to, so Lina and Gourry run off somewhere else. Where? "I don't know!" says Lina. So they run off into the distance, with Amelia, Zelgadiss, and Sylpheel following behind...

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