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Slayers Guidebooks

In conjunction with the release of the novels, manga, and anime, comes a set of "reference" materials which give a little more insight into the wondrous worlds of Slayers. A few of the more general resources are listed below, with the more specific ones entailed in other pages in this section.

Slayers DX

Slayers DX (Deluxe)

First released October 10, 1995 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-7279-7, 1600 yen; 88 pages, 56 in color.

This book was released after the first TV series went off the air, though there is little to no mention of the happenings in the TV series, as this book focuses primarily on the written works of Slayers. (Not that the events are all that different - just a few minor discrepancies.) The book touches off a veritable landslide of potential rumors, mentions a good deal of the characters - basically, this is like a scrapbook of all kinds of information, clarifying a few of the more oft-misunderstood concepts behind Slayers while giving a really nifty insight into how the series was put together. The first Slayers story ever published, over ten years ago, is also included as a bonus!
Secrets of Slayers

Secrets of Slayers (sureiyaazu no himitsu)

First released in 1996 by Kabushiki-Kaisha Data House
ISBN4-88718-409-3, 1000 yen; 206 pages, black and white

This book is ALL TEXT, so don't get it if you can't read Japanese -- it just won't help much. ^^; The book was put together by the production staff of Slayers, and while it's not written or even "officially" endorsed by Hajime Kanzaka, the creator of Slayers, it does shed some light on a lot of previously unsolved mysteries. There's also another book afterwards, called "Super Secrets of Slayers," which tells more of the same.
(no pic avail.)

Super Secrets of Slayers

No data available on this book. Go figure.

"[Kore] wa himitsu desu."
Encyclopedia Slayers

Encyclopedia Slayers

First released September 30, 1998 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-7385-7, 800 yen; 256 pages, black and white

This book has it all - almost. The Encyclopedia is mostly restricted to the novels, much like DX was, but fortunately there's a good deal of overlap. The book is mostly text, but if you can at least read katakana, you're in for a treat, as this book has just about everything. Detailed character profiles of the major characters are given, in addition to an exhaustive character dictionary for both the humans and the monsters! Novel synopses, a list of verbal expressions used in the novels, a spell compendium (which has been carried over in translation to the site), an item dictionary, a definitive atlas... the list goes on and on. There's even a map of Kanzaka-sensei's and Araizumi-sensei's living quarters, detailed right down to the video game consoles in the center of the room! A real insider's book, definitely.

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