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Mini-message Log

Most recent mini-message:

(2006.06.07) No more updates for now, sorry! If you'd like to help out with updating a live and active Slayers community, head on over to KanzakaDex. Thanks!

The last ten mini-messages:

(2004.04.05) We're now on a new server. If you see anything broken, please let us know! (2002.07.29) Not really Slayers-related, but we now have a Java-based "oekaki" drawing board here for anyone interested. :) (2001.10.05) If you would like to see the Slayers novels published in English - please click on this link and sign the petition! You can help! (2001.04.30) This site is currently frozen: there are no plans to make modifications from this point onward. An explanation is on the wwwboard. (2001.03.11) Slayers Special #2 manga has been released; supposedly the first 13 episodes of Slayers are on their way to TV in US. It was supposed to be in February, though, so this probably means we get the edited-down version - we can't let kids see as much of Lina as they do of Naga, now can we? -.o; (2001.01.23) Added info for Manga volume #7, and added links to The Nameless Manga Translation Site! for those who want to see more translations. Oh, and did anyone else notice that the Lina art from this site made Slashdot collaborator CmdrTaco's webpage? (2001.01.19) Small updates: New award, two anime comics, and a site map added. And check out Book Mart for used books if you haven't already! (2000.11.14) CGI scripts seem to be back up and running. If not - just let us know. Also ... no longer points here. (2000.11.11) Good news: We're now on a faster and cheaper server. Bad


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