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Episode #1

ANGRY! Lina's Furious Dragu Slave!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

A dragon roars, bound with chains and locked in a barred cave. The stage opens in the center of the camp of the Dragon's Fang (Dragon No Kiba), as the bandits celebrate a new conquest. Suddenly, a light appears in the sky, falling to the ground... and explodes, setting everything on fire!

From the center of the flames walks Lina Inverse, well-known as the Bandit Killer! As soon as the bandits come to this realization... their leader falls dead.

Lina gathers some of the bandits' spoils in a sack and starts walking away, as morning approaches. Of course, she's not alone: she has been tracked and followed by the remainder of the Dragon's Fang. After flatly denying their invitation to join the gang, Lina, fully prepared to defend herself, facefaults as a mysterious stranger confronts her attackers. The tired white-knight dialogue goes on between the 'hero' and Lina's assailants, much to Lina's dismay. Feeling she must 'play the part right', Lina screams and howls in mock fear as the swordsman Gourry Gabriev makes a mockery of the underskilled Dragon's Fang.

Proud to have saved what he thinks to be a lovely lady, Gourry turns to Lina... who falls extremely short of his expectations, in more ways than one. "Where's your daddy, little girl?" he asks, dismayed at her less-than-ideal proportions, while Lina responds, trying not to show her contempt for her idiot savior. Lina agrees to be accompanied to Atlas City by Gourry.

Lina and Gourry make a small stop in a diner; "I'll have everything from here to here..." Lina says, pointing to the menu, as Gourry takes triple portions of another dish. Later in the frenzied feast, the village elder, Saman, walks up and instantly recognizes Lina as a powerful sorceress, responsible for taking out several notorious bandits in the past. He also recognizes her as the Dragon Spooker (Dora-Mata)... and when Lina asks him to elaborate, he responds, "It's short for "Dragons Step Past Out Of Clear Revulsion", to which Lina does NOT take well. Saman continues, asking that Lina take care of the Dragon's Fang. As Lina replies, "I already took care of them," Saman is astounded, seemingly at the fact that Lina took care of the black dragon.

Lina turns to Gourry, who turns back. "Did you kill the dragon?" he asks, to which the reply is, "I didn't know there was one."

A black dragon's sonic boom rocks the diner from above.

Saman storms back in, shouting, "Why didn't you take care of the dragon?!" Lina replies, "I didn't know they had one." Bargaining with Saman for 25 gold pieces ("Necessity drives a hard bargain..."), Lina and Gourry agree to dispose of the dragon menace.

Running outside, Lina is amazed at the sheer size of the dragon! According to Saman, the dragon had been purchased by the leader of the Dragon's Fangs while he was a small child, for the price of three bronze pieces. Lina nods and flicks a quick fireball at the dragon, which is quite ineffective. Undaunted, Gourry gets a little headstrong and charges off himself, first! Gourry gets brushed off easily by a swipe of the dragon's claws, dumping his unconscious body unceremoniously on top of Lina.

Stuck underneath Gourry, Lina struggles to escape as the dragon lumbers near. About to crush the two with its paw, the dragon looks down at Lina.

The dragon gets nauseous and steps past out of clear revulsion.

Lina charges after the dragon, shouting at it, completely embarrassed and enraged! Casting "Levitation!", she gets airborne and throws Gourry at the dragon to occupy it while she begins a larger spell. The dragon tries to shake Gourry off of its snout, enraged! Lina finally, shouts "DRAGU SLAVE!" as an intense energy beam bursts from her outstretched palms, completely annihilating the dragon... and most of the city!

Saman, the Elder, walks up to Lina afterwards, after she extricates Gourry from the mess. Asking for her payment, Saman retorts that Lina blew up the city she was paid to keep intact! "What about the damage?!" Lina replies, "I'll...", as she taps Gourry on the shoulder and bolts, "... let you handle it!" Gourry chases after her, while running from the angry villagers as they make their getaway!

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