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Episode #2

BAD! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

Two mysterious strangers stand overlooking the destruction in the wake of Lina's Dragon Slave, from the first episode. One, wrapped head-to-toe in bandages, relates his tale to the other, hooded, with greenish-grey tinted skin... Zolf was present when Lina Inverse destroyed the Dragon's Fang camp. As such, he was also burned horribly in the ensuing flames. Ranting and raving, he swears to punish Lina for her crimes, while Zelgadiss just stands calmly and shakes his head...

Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry trek onward to the next town. Searching for a magic shop, they eventually stumble onto one, when Lina gets the idea to make her riches more valuable. Lina decides to head into an abandoned building to 'sort out' the valuables in secrecy. Lina finds that she has an 'Orihalcon' statue, an enchanted dagger, some old coins, and a lot of rubies and other assorted jewels. Utilizing a ritual and some arcane solution, Lina crushes flawed rubies and uses them to build magical amulets.

Lina returns to the magic shop where Gourry waits, and proceeds to sell her treasures. The amulet gets a good price, but when the shopkeeper examines the dagger, its spell affects him. The shopkeeper, now entranced by the dagger's spell, goes bloodthirsty and starts chasing after Lina and Gourry. Chasing them behind the store into a courtyard, the keeper is about to descend upon the two.

Gourry asks Lina if she could cast some spell and neutralize the shopkeeper. She says she could, but for some reason is reluctant to do so. So Gourry starts drawing his sword, but, again, Lina warns him not to do so. After an unsteady standoff (read: "commercial break") Lina tells Gourry to go ahead and use his sword. Right as the storekeeper is about to make his attack, a shout comes from above the store...

It's the shopkeeper's wife. She berates him for leaving the store unattended. Suddenly out of the spell's power, the shopkeeper dashes back to the store, flinging the dagger carelessly back to Lina, who quickly stashes it back in safe keeping.

Lina and Gourry proceed a ways further down the road until Lina runs circles around Gourry, "I'm hungry! I want to eat! I'm hungry! I want to eat!!" So they stop by a creek and, with the help of a spell from Lina, they catch some fish and fry them up.

They make it to the next town later that night. At the inn, their meal is then rudely interrupted by a crew of trolls, led by Zolf, bursting inside. Zolf sends his trolls after Lina, to which she and Gourry counterattack... Lina casts a quick spell and tags three of the trolls with an odd green aura. Then she asks if Gourry could wound the trolls.

Even Gourry is smart enough to know that trolls' healing power allows them to heal as soon as they are damaged, but Lina urges him to just do it, so he flicks three acorns at them, punching holes into each. Strangely, though, the trolls suddenly implode, without a trace. Lina explains, "Since the trolls' healing power is so great, the power turned around [by my spell] is also very great." So it was their own healing power that killed them.

Zolf manages to coerce the other three trolls to continue the attack, and Lina defends herself by stabbing her assailant with her sword. However... the troll's healing power allows him to hold onto the sword while he swings his club towards Lina... Lina casts a quick "DIGGER VOLT!" and electricity sizzles (harmlessly, to her) through her body, and from there, through the sword by way of conduction. The troll gets zapped and falls over.

Lina raises her hand to scare off the others, chanting what seems to be a fireball spell... Zolf shouts, "Run! It's a fireball!!"... but it's not. It was a light spell. Gourry, once he figures this important point out,shouts at Lina, "Kids shouldn't play tricks on grown-ups like that!!"

But there's still the matter of the wrecked inn. The owner walks up to Lina and asks her how she expects to pay for the mess. Her apology to the owner sounds sincere enough to him, as it is accompanied by the offering of a ruby and a very cute voice; the owner lets them off easy. "Lucky!"

Gourry and Lina head upstairs to discuss the events of the evening, wondering what Zolf and the others were chasing them around for. Just atthat moment, a rapping is heard upon their chamber door, along with a ravenous voice, "I would like to make a purchase..."

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