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Episode #11

KNOCK OUT! The Saillune Family Feud!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

Apparently Lina got word that the Crown Prince Philionel el de Saillune would be walking by a spot where two roads crossed, so she and Gourry stand there, waiting for him. Lina seems to be under the impression that he'll fall in love with her beauty and propose to her on the spot. "Are you serious?", Gourry asks; Lina responds, "Very serious." Gourry gets tired of waiting and goes off towards the city, while Lina waits.

Gourry soon encounters a confrontation between a traveler and a rogue bandit, and just when he is about to step in, a strange girl in white does it for him. And lands flat on her face. "Obey me, or feel the hammer of justice!" The girl continues her attempts to look impressive to the bandit, failing miserably until she unleashes her Diem Wing spell, which carries the bandit over into a river. She then uses Burst Rondo to finish off the miscreant, sending flaming energy bolts after him.

Then she notices Gourry. "Do you work in a pet shop?" The girl introduces herself as Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, and, once she finds out that Gourry is indeed a swordsman as he appears, offers to hire him.

Lina, by this time, has given up on waiting, and, succumbing to her hunger, heads to a restaurant. While there, a strange blond-haired guy who looks like a priest comes in, with a grizzled dark-haired man walking behind him. The "priest" asks Lina if she's a sorceror, then begs for her assistance. "What do you want me to do, get rid of the bandit king behind you? Or is he a dwarf?"

The grizzled man then sees it is time to prove his identity by presenting the crest on the hilt of his sword. The priest names the man as the Crown Prince Philionel el de Saillune, and himself as Randy. Lina about has a heart attack... there's no way a prince can look like that! But you shouldn't judge people by their appearances; Prince Philionel says that he is a pacifist, and that his armor and clothes are just a disguise.

The crestfallen Lina introduces herself, and apparently her reputation precedes her yet again: "Lina, the Bandit Killer!" Randy and Prince Philionel wish to hire her as a "Monster Exterminator,"as nearby there is a cave in which monsters come forth and attack the villages. Philionel feels it is his duty to aid the town in getting rid of the monsters. Lina seems disinterested until the prince mentions the reward; Lina suddenly can't wait to get started!

The next day is very hot, and Lina insists on taking a bath. After a rather amusing diversion, they finally find the cave in which the monsters are hiding, and Lina wants to get it over with by destroying the entire mountain with one spell. Phil, as the prince prefers to be called, protests and says that it is not right to go destroying things unnecessarily, so in they go.

The first monsters encountered are a pack of orcs; Phil threatens them with the power of the "brutish sorcerer" behind him, and the orcs run off. The next monsters are not so easily dissuaded, so it's up to Lina to get rid of them; "BALUS ROD! DAM BRASS! DIGGER BOLT! LY BRIEM! ASSHA DIST!"

Eventually, the party makes its way to a door, which Lina enthusiastically opens. There is a man seated on a throne within, saying, "I've been waiting for you, Prince Philionel." Lina begs, "Don't call him a prince, please!!" but they continue onwards. In fact, Randy continues so far onwards that he stands by the side of the wizard, saying that he is third in line for the throne with brother in the way. All eyes shoot to Philionel, who stands there stunned. Randy set a trap with his wizard to get the throne... "I just sorta wanted to rule and stuff!"

Amelia's voice rings out through the cave! Standing tall (on Gourry's shoulders), she threatens to right the wrongs and protect her daddy! Philionel says to Lina, "Yes, that's my dear daughter!" Amelia flings a Fireball and a Digger Bolt at Randy and his wizard, not letting up the assault until they counterattack by calling, "Brass Demon! Garundia!" A tall, skeletal beast is thus summoned forth, and Prince Phil attacks it with a giant punch, "PACIFIST CRUSH!" Randy and his wizard conjure more beasts, which Phil dispatches equally well, with the help of his daughter Amelia, while Lina and Gourry stand on the sidelines.

Then Randy throws a Fireball, and Amelia counters with a Fireball of her own; which only adds to the power and makes a huge explosion! Randy and his wizard are incinerated, while Lina and everyone else make it out safely. Phil asks Amelia why she was following him, and she tells him that she was just wanting to go on adventures like he did!

By this time, Lina's about sick of the father-daughter schtick, and asks for her reward. "Randy was carrying the money." So what about his daughter Amelia, wouldn't she have the money? No, she spent all her money finding her dad. But Phil says that Lina can get her reward back in Saillune, so she's pretty much stuck following them back there...

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