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Episode #12

LOVELY! Amelia's Magic Training!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

On the way back to Saillune, the party encounters another pack of bandits, attacking a traveler.. Amelia rushes forward to confront them, and only ends up wearing herself out and injuring the defenseless traveler. Lina mixes it up with the bandits, attacking them without her magic, and when Amelia mentions Lina's name, the bandits start to run in fear of the "Natural Enemy of All Who Live!" Annoyed at the insult, Lina shows no mercy and unleashes the Dragu Slave on the bandits!

The group heads to dinner in the next town. Amelia is still completely awestruck by Lina's attack and implores Lina to teach her the technique, having chosen Lina as her mentor in the ways of magic. She thinks the Dragu Slave is a technique for punishing bad guys, and says that she will be ready for any kind of special training! Philionel is so proud of his daughter, and apparently the rest of the crowd is so moved by Amelia's speech... except for Lina.

Phil and Amelia stand atop a stone henge, waiting for Lina to begin teaching, while Lina discusses the matter with Gourry. Lina doesn't want to teach the most powerful spell in black magic to Amelia, whose specialty is white magic; the destructive, cursing ways of black magic are completely the opposite to the exorcist, healing ways of white magic. To further convince Gourry of her standpoint, she asks him to think of what Amelia, Miss Justice, would be like if she knew the Dragu Slave technique!

Still, Amelia and Phil press onwards, and eventually Lina agrees to begin training. Lina makes Amelia do 5000 Hindu squats at first, then has her doing all kinds of menial labor rather than teach her the spell. "She won't stop on her own, we just have to wait until she gives up..."

While pulling her father up a mountain on a cart as part of training, Amelia is caused to lose her grip and they tumble back down, encountering an old woman on the way up. They learn that the mountain is in the middle of the town, causing people to either climb the mountain to get across, or spend a day walking around it. Phil and Amelia resolve to eliminate the mountain to help the people out, and beckon Lina to wipe the mountain out with a Dragu Slave attack.

For some reason, Lina agrees, and obliterates the mountain.  Trouble is, she also obliterates the shrine on the mountaintop which was keeping hordes of ghouls sealed within the mountain, and now, they're all free. Amelia begs Lina to use the Dragu Slave to wipe out the ghosts, as well, but Lina tells her, "The most powerful spell isn't worth anything if you don't know where and when to use it!"

While Philionel is trying to talk with the ghosts and tell them the meaning of life, Amelia darts back to the crater where the mountain stood and grabs a Stone of Binding from the rubble. She begins to cast a spell, then unleashes "MEGIDDO FLARE!" and forms a pillar of energy which channels all of the invading ghouls away into their own realm!

Amelia runs up to thank Lina for teaching her the importance of knowing where and when to use certain spells, figuring that that was why Lina didn't teach her the Dragu Slave. Lina, somewhat pleased that Amelia has given up trying to learn the Dragu Slave, just wants to get back to Saillune...

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