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Episode #13

MONEY! Crush Those Bounty Hunters!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

At last, the party is in Saillune. Phil says, "No other city in the world is as safe or has as much to do as Saillune." Lina doesn't comment at all, she has two quadruple-decker ice cream cones in her hands and is fully occupied with them. Walking through the city towards the castle, they encounter a startlingly evil portrait of Lina. The only catch is that there's a 500,000 gold piece bounty attached to it. There's also wanted posters for Gourry and Zelgadis, as well.

Philionel and Amelia confront Lina, "The law can be merciful if you confess now." "Lina, you're really a bad guy, aren't you?" Lina responds, "Uhm... I haven't done anything bad in a while, I think..." but then the Black Iron Knights appear to take Lina into custody. Phil stands back while Amelia joins the guards, who then point their swords at Lina and Gourry! Lina casts Lighting to distract them, then uses Levitation and Raywing so she and Gourry can escape.

Lina runs by Phil again as she escapes, "Just keep my reward for being your bodyguard waiting!", then runs into a safe corner. Lina tells Gourry that they can solve their problem by finding the people who posted the bounty on them; just then, the Silver Knights of Lenos appear. Lina offers them a Digger Bolt for their trouble, and runs past the incapacitated knights and into the Kingdom of Edoh's greatest warriors...

Three, maybe four groups of attackers later, Lina and Gourry encounter a cage, with a unicorn's horn inside. After saying how much Gourry should fall for a trap like that, Lina herself is stupid enough to, and gets caught inside. Zangulus, a swordsman with wavy hair (looks like the French operative in Giant Robo) and Vrumugun, a sorcerer with a red stone in his forehead, appear to claim their prize. They are going to take Lina to Sairaag, where someone awaits her. They capture Gourry as well, threatening to toast her alive if he resists.

Lina gets thrown into a prison with Gourry. Lina is wrapped up almost entirely in chains, and now has a circlet around her head which shocks her horribly whenever she tries to cast a spell. Still, she keeps trying, and eventually works up the resistance to cast a Flare Arrow on the door and her chains, freeing her and Gourry. When escaping, they encounter Amelia, who wants no reward for aiding in the capture. Lina entwines Amelia, Zangulus, and Vrumugun with the chains, then tries to cast another spell... which ends up hurting them as much as it does her, as the chains act as a conductor.

Satisfied that their captors are sufficiently disabled, Gourry retrieves his sword and, without any subtlety whatsoever, suddenly cuts the circlet off of Lina's head. Then they head outside, chased by Vrumugun and Zangulus. Lina encounters the sorcerer in mid-air, casting a Flare Arrow which is matched by a Freeze Arrow from Vrumugun. Gourry has a match for his Sword of Light with Zangulus' Howling Sword, which sends out waves of green energy whenever swung.

Amelia has awakened by this time, and is still determined to bring down Lina. Lina protests that the stories Zangulus made up were lies, and tells Amelia to look at her and Vrumugun and see for herself which is the bad guy! Amelia thinks both do, so she resolves that the good guys always win. Amelia then casts a fireball at both at them, burying everyone under the roof of the castle.

Lina struggles out of the rubble, so Amelia figures that Lina really is the good guy, "just as I thought all along!" Lina and Gourry then decide to continue on to Sairaag to find out who placed their bounty, and Amelia decides to accompany them, to right this awful wrong! Amelia urges them onwards even faster along their journey once Philionel finds out that she wrecked part of the city...

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