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Episode #3

CRASH! Red and White and Suspicious All Over!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

"He seems suspicious to me."

The voice on the other side of the door continues to Lina and Gourry, "I'm sure I must seem very suspicious to you... but for now I have no intention of hurting you." Lina agrees to let the strange man in, considering that both she and the stranger have bodyguards. And so, the hooded stranger with the purple hair enters the room, accompanied by his bodyguard, the bandaged 'mummy man' from earlier that night. It seems that this 'mummy man', known as Zolf, was the hooded stranger's henchman, and was about to swipe a treasure from the Dragon's Fang gang before Lina blew up their fortress.

Lina merely raises the price a bit more for the trouble the 'mummy man' caused earlier. And so, they begin deliberating over the price of the item for which this hooded stranger seeks; he won't name it, for the simple reason that if he did so, Lina would raise the price even more. So the stranger asks Lina to state her price on each of the items, and he would consider the prices and potentially make the purchase.

Sounds okay, until Lina asks 12,000,000 golds for the enchanted knife and 30,000,000 for the Orihalcon statue. Zolf, Gourry, and the stranger all question why Lina's charging 100 times the street value for such a statue, and she cuts the price in half, as if that makes much of a difference. In any case, the stranger cannot afford Lina's price, but offers her 100,000 up front, with the balance to be paid later. Lina does not accept. Then the stranger asks Lina to join his gang, to which she also refuses. A deal could not be arranged, so the stranger leaves, warning Lina that at their next meeting, they would meet as enemies. The stranger also offers his name: Zelgadiss.

Gourry asks why Lina asked such high prices - she said she couldn't deal with such suspicious characters. Lina shoves Gourry back to his room and tries to sleep. The next morning, the two hitch a ride on the back of a haywagon and go over the two items which Zelgadiss tried to buy. Both of them had magical properties, and could be used as beacons, but the Orihalcon statue seemed like it was made of something that could seal in magic. Neither of them is worth much on their own, but Zelgadiss seemed willing to pay a lot of money for one of them. In any case, soon they walk through a forest.

Of course, the two are ambushed, this time by a horde of Berserkers. Gourry fights off most of them, while Lina fights for a while... but eventually gives up and lets Gourry clean up. When Gourry finishes them off, he tries to drag Lina on towards the next city, but finds her bleeding. Lina was casting a recovery spell, which was why she stopped fighting; Gourry ends up carrying her to the next town until she feels better, despite her protests.

While Lina lies in bed, a band of trolls led by a grizzled war veteran invades her room. When they open the door to her room, she hides behind it, and slips out by hopping over top of the door. She throws a fireball back into the room and slams the door, but apparently it doesn't kill them, as everyone comes out again to attack her. Lina and Gourry fight them for a while, until, miraculously, the trolls and the old swordsman fall asleep.

Seems that the purple-haired priest who walks into the room put the whole inn asleep, after noticing the suspicious band of trolls. The priest mentions that Zelgadiss probably sent the trolls. Zelgadiss, part human, troll, and demon, wants to get the Key from Lina in order to resurrect the Lord of Darkness, Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. The priest wants Lina to give him the Key in order to keep her from danger, but Lina protests, saying that it would put him in danger.

The priest names himself as Rezo, and Lina recognizes him as Rezo, the Red Priest, and one of the five wise men of the age. Gourry, of course, is oblivious to this fact. Lina insists that she hold onto the Key, wanting to prevent the Lord of Darkness' resurrection as well. She wants to be the bait, so that Rezo can sweep in from behind and take out Zelgadiss. Rezo agrees, and casts a spell on the fireballed room in order to restore its earlier condition, removing the damage. He then departs, quietly.

Lina doesn't feel safe sleeping in her own room that night, so she sleeps in Gourry's room, on the floor. She doesn't feel like being a bother to him; but he can't sleep in his bed with a girl who has to sleep on the floor, so he sleeps on the floor too. Lina lulls herself to sleep with thoughts about Rezo, the blind priest with an evil-sounding name who travelled throughout the land helping people. She also finds herself troubled by Zelgadiss and his plot to resurrect Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu...

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