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Episode #4

DASH! Run for it! My Magic Doesn't Work!

Synopsis written by Xelloss

The following morning, Lina and Gourry discuss the legend of Shabranigdu over breakfast (in perhaps the only mealtime scene that I've watched that Lina doesn't make a complete glutton out of herself). Lina explains the world as being round, and thrust upon a staff, the Staff of Gods, and uses an egg upon a fork as an illustration. Thousands of years ago, there were two races, the Mazoku (Race of Monsters, and the Kami (Race of Gods). Ceiphied, the Dragon King, led the Gods, and Shabranigdu, the Dark Lord, led the Mazoku. Waging war against each other, their battles lasted for eons, until finally, Ceiphied defeated Shabranigdu and separated him into seven pieces.

Only the Dark Lord wasn't defeated; being cut up means nothing to a monster. One thousand years ago, one of the pieces of Shabranigdu was reborn, and, with the help of the Water Dragon King, one of the pieces of Ceiphied was able to defeat the piece of Shabranigdu, but his body was sealed into the ground as a result. The damage had been wrought; the balance of nature had been disrupted, and tipped towards monsters; from thence came the monsters; trolls, demons, and other abominations.

"Do you understand any of this?"

"Not one bit.... though I do understand that this Shabra-whatsis is thehead bad guy."

"Well, that's a pretty good accomplishment, for you...", Lina notes, and then they discuss how Rezo fits into all of this. Lina doesn't trust him, and they note that the legend of Rezo is known throughout the world (but not to Gourry) and it would be easy to impersonate him.

Meanwhile, Zolf tries to locate the statue from Zelgadiss' hideout, with little success. Zelgadiss takes off his mask, revealing the rest of his hard, stony face, and senses that they are close to retrieving the statue, nonetheless.

Lina and Gourry hit the paths again, and Lina expresses her boredom of the endless forest paths. Lina murmurs to Gourry that she will be unable to cast anything more than a light spell for the next few days... which leads to a rather amusing discussion over "that time of the month" for sorceresses and priestesses. Their talk is interrupted when they notice Zelgadiss in the distance.

Zelgadiss is not alone, though; his follower Dilgear, a werewolf-troll halfbreed, accidentally blurts out that they're after the statue,rather than the more vague "Key." In any case, Lina insists on fighting by herself, proclaiming...

"Go get 'em, Gourry!" But then Rodimus, the old swordsman from the previous night, appears, this time brandishing a huge axe. Having cornered them and still elicited no action, Zelgadiss throws a "FLARE ARROW!" at the pair, splitting them up. While Gourry counters Dilgear and Rodimus, Lina takes off, with Zelgadiss in hot pursuit. Parrying his sword with her own, Lina takes off running again...

When she looks back, Zelgadiss sprints ahead to catch her in the stomach with his knee! Careening backwards into a tree, Lina, panting for breath, looks pitifully up at the victor, "Aren't you s'posed to take iteasy on girls?"

"So in the end," Zelgadiss notes, "this is all you are."

Not quite. Lina casts a Lighting spell right in his eyes, blinding him.

Taking the opportunity to run again, Lina runs into a brick wall... or, rather, the shoreline of a lake. Turning, she finds Zelgadiss has already caught up with her, so she thinks, "Sink or swim time..." and casts Flare Arrow at Zelgadiss!

But it fails. Just that time of the month...

Lina tries to run again, but is caught by Zelgadiss' Shadow Snap spell. The dagger he threw holds her shadow in place, thus immobilizing her...yet Lina casts a Light spell, which seems to be the only thing she has the power to cast now, and rolls out of the way, using the light to cancel the spell. Only Zelgadiss is upon her again, and easily casts "MONO VOLT!" to shock her unconscious. Sighing deeply, he reluctantly relieves Lina of the statue and sends a light-signal to his followers. "And so, it ends."

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