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Episode #3

Wonderful job! The bodyguard isn't at ease either!


Arriving in Atlas City, Lina and Amelia have a BIG argument over where to eat. Amelia's ticked off that Lina always gets to decide. (Okay, that's three episodes so far that start in diners... but who's counting?) So Lina and Gourry march off to get more food, and Amelia and Zelgadiss head off for better food.

Well, it seems that the altercation has attracted the attention of two rival lords. A swordsman from one lord, Driim, wants to employ Lina and Gourry, while a dark magician from another lord, Daymia tries to employ Amelia and Zelgadiss. And... they succeed. Both lords tell their new employees about the rivalry, and ask for their assistance. Lina and Gourry encounter Damia's magician in a battle... and Amelia and Zelgadiss take out the Driim's swordsman.

And so the battle seesaws back and forth, until the two lords finally agree that their bodyguards should do a straight-out battle rather than deface their mansions. The two parties meet in the middle; Lina meets Amelia, and suggests that Amelia and Zel flee so that she and Gourry can get their reward, so there's another argument. But then... something happens in the city. Slimes start overrunning the city... and the source seems to be the two rivals' manors! So... Amelia takes care of a good deal of the slimes with the Elmekia Lance spell, and eventually, the two lords are captured and imprisoned.

Gourry notes, though, that they hadn't received their reward. Lina, surprised that Gourry actually had a coherent thought, follows through on it, and they visit their employers in jail...

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