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Episode #4

Ancient compact! The person searching for immortality!


Lina and the group return to visit Daymia and Driim in their cells... and of course, they're still bickering. Both lords deny that they were the ones responsible for summoning the slimes. The only person they know of capable of such large summoning spells is a man known as Halshifom, who seems to be experimenting on eternal life.

Speak of the devil... the person spoke of makes a visit to the rivals' cells and captures them.

Lina and the others get a hunch about the Clair Bible and trek to Halshifom's mansion... but they find a very curious sight awaiting them. The two rivals are there; each has been halfway turned into stone. And this mysterious person awaits at the top of the stairwell...

He seems a very quiet man, but the group is a little annoyed at him. Y'see, he's been kidnapping people for his experiments, and draining their energy. So, of course, they attack. Except this person, introduced as Halshifom, doesn't budge, not even from the strongest attack! Lina at first doesn't want to participate. Then the point is made that all of the work she's done in the past few days was done for free...

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