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Episode #5

The cause of the love left behind!


Halshifom seems largely unaffected by anything Lina and the others throw at him. Bram Gush, Flare Arrows, even the Ra-Tilt end up doing nothing. Halshifom counters with a binding spell towards Amelia, "Shadow Web", which sticks her to the floor. Lina counters with a lighting spell to free Amelia, then casts Befis Bring to make a quick escape tunnel. Only... the tunnel goes down a LOOOOOONG way.

The group determines that they're gonna all have to attack Halshifom at once if they're gonna win. This thought comes to them once they get separated, though. While Amelia and Zelgadiss get captured by bugs, Lina and Gourry are spritzed away by Seigram, the guy with the mask. Then...

They sit down and eat dinner with him. o.O Lina realizes that there's been an awful lot of illusions running around lately, so she casts Flow Break to dispel them... and then leaves Seigram's company. They make their way upstairs, where they see Halshifom... and a girl they saw in a picture earlier. She's hooked up to a crystalline device, which, in turn, is connected to several other pools, which contain bodies. Two look very familiar - Zelgadiss and Amelia.

Battle ensues. Seigram watches from the shadows, and isn't really an active participant, until of course Lina smashes his mask in half. Halshifom seems to be linked to the mask, though, and starts aging at an incredible rate... or is it un-aging? In any case, Gourry leaps in to save Amelia and Zelgadiss from the pools, and... lo and behold, the girl is reborn. Halshifom goes to her and finds her to be an empty shell of what she once was, practically an emotionless doll. In his anguish and wish to be left alone, Halshifom Burst Flares the place, blowing everything up. What a way to go...

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