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Episode #11

The voice of impending doom! Tear to shreds, Laguna Blade!


Philionel, Amelia, Zelgadiss, and Gourry are all sitting in the six-pointed star, as Amelia believes it to be the safest location in Saillune. And then... Mazenda and Kanzeil walk in. And, well, Mazenda casts a spell which transforms the six-pointed star into a five-point, and whisks the four away to an alternate dimension, to "let the games begin!"

Meanwhile, Lina is hard at work deciphering the Clair Bible. (On a side note, I hear this particular Clair Bible is named "Xelloss".) She gets to the final passage of a particular section... but it seems Kira scribbled all over it. Martina swipes the defaced Clair Bible from Lina, but before she can read it herself, it burns in her hands. Lina: "That wasn't my flame!" In any case, they hear fighting off in the distance, and Lina remembers her bodyguard obligation to Philionel...

Phil's group fights Mazenda bravely, countering each of her attacks with one of their own. Zel tries casting a counterspell to break out of Mazenda's dimension, like Lina had a couple episodes ago, but for some reason it doesn't work against Mazenda. They continue fighting for quite some time...

At the top of an overlooking cliff, Lina and Xelloss start arguing over something. Martina sees her chance, and tries to push Lina off the cliff. Only... she misses and falls off the cliff herself. Lina grabs a log and, seeing that the river is the best way back to Saillune, jumps off the cliff as well. What, you thought she'd save Martina?

In any case, it looks like Lina can now use the Nightmare Magic she learned in the Clair Bible, with the help of Xelloss' talismans. She returns to Saillune and the six-pointed star, finding Kanzeil lurking in the shadows. She finds the focus of Kanzeil's power and attacks it with the Laguna Blade, which brings the others back! Including Mazenda! But then Mazenda and Kanzeil make their escape... taking Philionel with them!

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