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Episode #12

Donden returns a gift? The unexpected truth!


With the abduction of Philionel by Mazenda and Kanzeil, the party is left with little choice but to recover. Lina relates to the group that she learned more about the Lord of Nightmares in the Clair Bible, allowing her to unleash the Laguna Blade. However, she's still not skilled enough to control it effectively, and needs more practice.

Amelia runs in and relates that Christopher has publicly renounced his right to the throne of Seyruun after Phil went missing, since he was regarded as the chief suspect. Lina and her party get confused, and decide to drop in on Alfred. Alfred, though, reveals that he was the one who plotted Phil's assasination in order that he may one day ascend to the throne. All those plans, however went up in smoke when his father abdicated. He calls for Kanzeil, who appears, and Lina demands to know where Philionel is. They say that he's nearby, but and that they are going to kill him. Alfred protests, saying that that wasn't part of the deal, but the Mazoku don't really care and go ahead and kill Alfred.

Then Kanzeil realizes he now has everything he needs. They take the building with them to the skiesThen, when power is in their grasp, Kanzeil releases an energy-ball at Philionel... only Xelloss is there to block! Kanzeil and Mazenda flee outside of the building (still on their hovering "island"), and Lina and the others take pursuit. Xelloss remains behind to protect Philionel. In the rather large battle that ensues, all seems to be evenly matched, until Lina and Gourry switch weapons and get the drop on Mazenda. Unable to withstand the energy of the Sword of Light, Mazenda disintegrates into nothingness, leaving Kanzeil alone against the others...

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