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Episode #13

On the verge of falling! The time when ambition collapses!


Philionel wakes up, and realizes Xelloss is standing over him. He thinks for a moment, then panics when he realizes Amelia and Lina are gone. Xelloss mentions that they should be right up there in that island hovering overhead. Philionel, determined to protect his daughter, tries to leap there. Of course, he fails...

Lina still has the Sword of Light, and she challenges Kanzeil to make his next move. So he does, raining down blast after blast of energy upon his four challengers. Zelgadis catches him off-guard with his Ra-Tilt spell... but of course, things wouldn't be that easy! Kanzeil, like many Mazoku, is a master of teleportation, and soon re-emerges from behind the group and rains down on them again, reappearing directly above Amelia with a stomp kick...

Martina, meanwhile, is selling pendants in the image of Zoamel Gustav, in nearby Saillune. When she finally gets a decent amount of money, she runs up to her "Xelloss-sama" with the cash as a gift for him... but she drops it, as she falls into a mud puddle. Philionel, meanwhile, is still determined to return to Amelia's side, but Xelloss refuses to take him to the battlefield. Of Lina's abilities, he says, "If they can't resolve this kind of situation, then how could they......"

Lina blocks Kanzeil's stomp, irritated at the trembling Amelia. They fight some more, and Kanzeil is just too much for the party! Eventually, Kanzeil even knocks a corner of the floating island away, and Lina finds herself perched precariously on the edge! Kanzeil knocks her off, knowing that Lina's magic is still weakened, if not eliminated, by the curse placed upon her, and Lina careens to her doom.

Gourry is enraged, and starts to turn on Kanzeil, when who shows up but... Lina? She nukes Kanzeil with the Dragu Slave from behind. I think her explanation is that when Mazenda died, her curse was lifted, and thus Lina can cast all her usual tricks again. Good thing, too, because by the end of this conversation, Kanzeil, again the master of teleportation, is back, showing his true form. And he uses his teleportation ability well, attacking the group from every possible angle. Lina realizes that with Kanzeil moving so quickly, she can't possibly target him for the Dragu Slave again, and she decides to resort to the more unpredictable Laguna Blade again. She charges Kanzeil, and of course he dimension-hops away before the Laguna Blade hits... but it seems that the Laguna Blade crosses dimensional barriers and kills him anyways!

But, with Kanzeil gone, there's nothing holding up the island. So it starts to fall - the mages fly off, Lina carrying Gourry, and they try to think of a plan. Xelloss reminds Lina that the talismans act as boosters for her magical ability, and tries to snap her out of her nervous panic. Lina comes to her senses and Boosts her power with the talismans, then unleashes the superpowered Dragu Slave on the falling island, obliterating it completely! Only, the spell hit a little bit too close to the ground and wipes out a small chunk of Saillune, as well. At least it was better than having the island collide and start a whole lot more damage, I suppose...

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