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Episode #14

Forbidden dance? Where is the strongest spell?!


Lina and Amelia jump into a pool. Seems they're taking a break after their encounter with Kanzeil and Mazenda, but it's actually a business deal. Lina offers this guy a thousand for a particular map, but he demands nine thousand. She insists on one. He keeps his price high. So she throws in a bonus. A thousand plus a fireball. *THOOM* She gets the map from the toasty people with little resistance.

Apparently, the map leads to a place where a particularly powerful spell can be learned. So Lina and the others follow it. On the way they get surrounded by bandits, dispatched with another fireball. but on the way she runs into two twin sisters (who look remarkably like Shampoo from Ranma 1/2!) with a similar map. In fact, it's identical. Since they're both at the place where the road supposedly forks, they start arguing over who gets to go in. Lina and Amelia start bickering with the sisters, then spells start to fly against the martial-arts sisters. Gourry just happens to find the secret path, though, which the map indicates. Lina notices this, blows off the two sisters (literally, with Diem Wing!), and dashes into the secret entrance. However, she runs into the others and they all tumble down the hill...

Anyways, they find a temple of some sorts, but a weird mask is guarding it. (No, it's not Zoamel Gustav, thank god.) And it refuses to let them pass, of course. So someone bonks it upside the head with a fan. Unfortunately, it's the Shampoo Sisters (yes, my nickname ^^;), which means they're awake. Oh, guess what, the bandits are back too. But, of course, the group effortlessly knocks them aside again, and, with the mask [strangely] out of the way, the group proceeds inside.

There is a songbook lying on an altar there, along with two dresses. Apparently, the would-be spellcasters have to wear the dresses (which look suspiciously like Sailor Mercury's and Chibi-Usa's) and sing a song. But hey, guess who's back but the sisters, the bandits, and the mask. *sigh* Amelia suggests that she and Lina go ahead and sing. But they need backup. Zelgadiss?

Amelia and Lina sing a crowd-stopping song, with Zel giving them directions and the lyrics. And, well, the spell is triggered. Unfortunately, it seems to be a spell which only stops crowds with lights and special effects. Lina gets severely annoyed and Dragu-Slaves the place.

Only, it's not over yet, of course. Someone seems to be mocking Lina's song. Yep, Martina's there, with Xelloss, and Martina's yukking it up. To Lina, there's only one way to shut people up, and that's by frying them... "DRAGU SLAVE!!!!"

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