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Episode #17

The rumored girl is Zelgadiss?


There is a town in which there are only females... and in this town, there is rumored to be another Clair Bible. Lina, Amelia, and Martina can walk into the town, no problem... but of course, Gourry, Xelloss, and Zelgadiss must wear disguises in order to pass as female. So, they do, and right as they don their female disguises, a girl runs in and begs for Zelgadiss' assistance - a monster has followed them into the forest clearing! Zelgadiss easily dispatches the monster with a well-placed fireball... but it seems the young girl is the princess of the town.

The group goes to the palace, and they talk for a bit - about what, I'm not sure, probably thanking them for their assistance or something. As they leave, Zelgadiss notes the princess sitting in the garden alone, and decides to stay behind and talk to her for a while. He gives her a false name, not wanting to reveal his identity, and learns that she is bound to become a priestess. As part of a ritual, she is to purify herself by touching a monument in the middle of a lake. Right before Zelgadiss can find out more, Lina drags him away, saying that they've wasted enough time already.

Then they resume their search for leads on the next Clair Bible. Only, it seems that quite a few women take a liking to the guys in disguise... much to their dissatisfaction. Evwentually, they head off to go eat, and it gets brought up that Zelgadiss has walked off again. But in the middle of the meal they are attacked by an ice fiend named Evia. With teamwork from Lina and Gourry, Evia is supposedly destroyed by an Elmekia Lance.

He went to go after the princess, who has brought a mace to the monument in the lake with intent to destroy it. Zelgadiss stops her, but then she is captured in the lake in a crystal of ice. Zelgadiss attacks, trying to free her - and Lina and the others arrive. Seems Evia wasn't quite dead, and now he has both the princess and Zel captured. Evia manifests himself as a water dragon, and fires round after round of water-bursts at the others. Zelgadiss breaks out of his icy prison, compromising his disguise in the process. Gourry throws off his disguise as well... but Evia is stunned enough, expecting the two to be women! In fact, he suspects Lina of being a guy in disguise as well! In the ensuing distraction, Zel manages to eliminate Evia for good with his Ra-Tilt spell.

But wait! The queen of the village appears, holding a knife to Lina's neck! She says something about the monument and the forbidding of males from the town... but then the "princess" shows herself to be a prince. Zelgadiss, who took a liking to this "princess" is quite amazed... but that's not all, as the rest of the masquerading women in the village reveal themselves to be men as well! So... I guess the plan of the queen fell through, whatever it was...

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