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Episode #18

Temple of sand! The secret of the Giga Slave!


Lina's group starts out where? In a restaurant, of course. They're wondering where the next Clair-Bible would be... Xelloss suddenly mentions that there should probably be one just past a particular mountain in the distance. Lina and Zelgadiss seem a bit disturbed that he withholds key information like that for so long and starts beating him up, but Martina appears and shoos them away from her "Xelloss-sama." Wait a minute, how'd Martina get here again? She's a waitress at the restaurant, and doing a bad job as her boss gets mad at her for beating up the customers (Lina). Lina taunts her as she gets back to work, causing even more trouble...

Later, the group heads out, finding themselves at a desert. Xelloss makes a gesture, and a large stone monument comes out of the sand. Only there's lots of other similar monuments which follow it. These monuments have some form of writing on it, but it would be impossible to translate the miles and miles of rows of these monuments which have just appeared in all directions.

But then, Amelia spots a mysterious old lady in the distance. She's horrified that it might be a ghost... but suddenly the lady appears beside Lina. Lina clutches Gourry in fear, but then denies anything happened when the old lady asks a potentially embarassing question about that. Anyways, she has some information about it... she mentions that she is the "devil's grandmother" or something (I can't translate it exactly). She points out that she knows where the object of their desires is, mentioning Maryuu-ou Gaav (also known as the Chaos-Dragon Gaav).

So, after loading up two camels with enough supplies and food for Lina, with a little thrown in for the others, they proceed into the desert. Lina ends up carrying the little old lady on her back. After a while it gets dark, and they decide to make a camp.

Amelia has a nightmare, and her moaning wakes up Lina. Lina, unable to get back to sleep, leaves the tent and finds Gourry sleepily keeping watch. She talks with him for a moment, asking him a very important question, to find him dozed off again. Too lazy to get back to the tent, she scoots closer and leans his head on the shoulder - a Kodak moment if ever there was one. Apparently, the old lady, who sneaks up behind the two, thought it was as well and decides to comment on it, scaring the bejeezus out of Lina.

The old lady, Aqua, asks Lina to follow her. She does, walking out to an oasis. Aqua stands on the edge of the water and chants something, and a very different stone monument, polished as glass, emerges from the waters. Lina reaches her hand out to touch it, and is suddenly transported into a dream-vision.

In it, Lina sees... herself! Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadiss are lying inert before the massive Shabranigdu! Not quite a flashback, it seems, Lina sees herself cast the Giga Slave... but it has powerful side-effects. Lina sees herself lose control of the Nightmare energy, and it creates a powerful energy rift which destroys the others... and eventually takes the entire world with it!

Lina steps back from the monument, horrified. Aqua explains that perhaps she should not be looking for the most powerful of all spells, as it could be one of those that was never meant for humans to control. Suddenly, a fireball erupts from nowhere, followed by a somewhat familiar voice -- that of Seigram! Xelloss rescues the lady and Lina from the flames, and takes them to a safe distance. Seigram says that it has been a long time since he spoke with Xelloss... but from the side, a stranger appears and says the same thing. Xelloss looks at him curiously, as the new arrival introduces himself: "Maryuu-ou Gaav!" Gaav is one of the Five who served under Shabranigdu, who now seem to be unleashed upon the world with the death of Shabranigdu. Seems Lina's Giga Slave had some powerful consequences after all...

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