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Episode #19

Finally detected? Xelloss' true form!


Gaav blasts Lina and Aqua with an enormous gust of wind, which Lina channels off to the side. Aqua confronts Gaav, asking if he's after the same Clair-Bible that Lina is after. Lina is still trying to figure out the connection between the Clair-Bibles and the growing power of the Hellmaster, according to rumors. Gaav notices Lina, and doesn't see her as much of a threat, until Xelloss mentions that she was the one who took care of the Dark Lord Shabranigdu. Gaav suddenly turns on Xelloss, pummeling him without retaliation. Lina stands back, horrified...

Gaav demands to know what Lina has to do with the Hellmaster, a Mazoku who has about the same rank as Gaav underneath the Lord of Nightmares. By this point it becomes clear that Xelloss is actually one of the Mazoku (race of evil), a subordinate of another of Gaav's equals. Xelloss asks if Gaav has the same goal as the Hellmaster... and gets beaten up again. In the ensuing distraction, Lina casts a spell on Gaav... the Gaav Flare! But it seems that the spell has no effect on the person whose power it is derived from, and he asks Lina, "What kind of joke is this?" At this point, Seigram returns! He threatens Lina and Aqua, and she throws out an Elmekia Lance as a distraction for her to fly away, Aqua under one arm.

Seigram blasts a spell right by Lina, knocking her out of the sky. Gaav, meanwhile, holds Xelloss at swordpoint. Seigram attacks Lina, which she counter-spells, but then Gourry flies up from nowhere, slashing at Seigram. Amelia and Zelgadiss appear, also. Seigram claims that he is under orders of Gaav to eliminate them. Amelia throws a Blast Ash spell, and Lina follows up with the Dynast Brass spell, exploding underneath Seigram!

Gaav's taken a big chunk out of Xelloss, and asks him, "Doesn't what the Hellmaster's doing concern you? Why are you together with him? What's the Hellmaster's goal?" Xelloss answers the last, "That's a secret." and promptly disappears.

Zelgadiss whips the dark strands of the Dynast Breath spell at Seigram, entrapping him, and allowing Lina to Dragu-Slave him! Seigram still manages to survive though, having lost most vestiges of his human disguise. Xelloss then reappears with the others, as does Gaav. Lina then realizes that to take out Seigram and Gaav, she'll need to resort to some more powerful magic like the Laguna Blade... but if that doesn't work, her only choice is the Giga Slave... but that's no good, it'll lead to bad stuff! Before she has a chance to decide, here comes the cavalry...

Oh, wait, it's just Martina. She calls out to Xelloss, running towards the group... tripping on the sand dunes and sliding down to them. Realizing Xelloss is hurt, she calls upon the power of the great Zoamel Gustav, brandishing a medallion with his mask emblazoned on it! She marches up proudly to the greatly unimpressed Gaav, who swings his sword at Martina... and, surprisingly, the medallion comes through and shields her from the attack! Lina rushes up and grabs Martina's arm, then she and everyone RUN from Gaav and Seigram!

Gaav and Seigram continue raining down spells on the retreating party, and the Zoamel Gustav medallion seems to be shielding everyone! Gaav transforms into his true form, a multi-headed dragon, and unleashes a rolling ball of destruction towards the group; in its path, the medallion fails to work! But then it glows, and Aqua comes from within the medallion! (Apparently she was the one doing the shielding, not the medallion!) She says, "One thousand years ago, I defeated the last part of Shabranigdu. Lina, retreat and keep searching for the true Clair-Bible." She then transforms into a blue dragon and counterattacks Gaav!! In the ensuing battle, the party retreats back to town...

In the next inn, Martina freaks once she finds out Xelloss is a Mazoku, and runs in anguish. Gourry asks Xelloss when he started being a Mazoku. (?!) Zelgadiss notes that Atlass City and Saillune have been targets of Mazoku attacks in the recent past, and that their next target would most likely be the next largest city... Sairaag! Lina asks Xelloss what's going on there, to which he responds, "That's a secret." Zelgadiss loses his temper, but Lina calms him down slightly, only to have Amelia berating Xelloss for tricking them! Lina tries to calm her down, mentioning that Xelloss did fight to protect them from Gaav. They eventually resolve the issue and decide to find the Clair-Bible, then travel to Sairaag and stop the Mazoku...

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