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Episode #20

We must go! Aim for the Valley of Dragons!


Some time later, in another town, Xelloss stands atop a high spot, looking into the mountains. Apparently they're still in search of the Dragon's Peak, and they have no idea which one it is. (Maybe Xelloss does, but he won't tell. ^_^) Zelgadiss notes that they have to start somewhere, so they head off... but just as they do, Lina gets run over by a little boy. Smiling weakly, he gets up and apologizes, but as he walks away, he trips. A change-purse jingles to the ground, and Lina's on the other end of a long string tied to it. So... the boy's a little thief!

The group corners the boy, and escort him back to their room. Lina says that she's the Robber's Killer, and that he should be lucky she hasn't killed him yet, so he's giving her a backrub to atone for his crimes. "She's such a mean girl!" he claims. He asks what they're doing in that town, and they reply that they're searching for the Dragon's Peak. He says he knows where it is. Lina goes ecstatic.

Minutes later, the boy finds himself several gold coins richer, and the party finds itself on the way to Dragon's Peak. Supposedly there's Gold Dragons, Black Dragons, all kinds of dragons here, as well as the 300-year-old Clair-Bible. The boy starts following the group, after a few minutes, until Martina corners him, asking if he's seen Lina's group. The boy won't talk right away, so she notes the gold in his hand and tries desperately to find a bribe. Unable to find one, she collapses into a pitiful ball of self-pity, and the boy finds himself patting her shoulder to console her...

Legends about Dragon's Peak were right. There are Gold Dragons everywhere, and one even lands in front of the party, blocking their path. It booms, "Why are you humans here?" Gourry is astounded, as he's never heard a dragon talk before, and keeps babbling, even saying that they were on a quest to kill the Dragon King (Gaav). Lina tries to shut him up, but the Gold Dragon's interest is piqued. Xelloss speaks up, and it seems the dragons don't quite like him, for some reason.

Then again, Xelloss did wage a war against Milgasia (the Gold Dragon speaking) and the Ryuzoku (Dragon race) some time back, killing hundreds of them. Xelloss says that that's not important now, but that the Hellmaster is starting something big and they need to stop him. Milgasia nods, and transforms into human form to lead them further into the Valley of Dragons.

Martina and the boy continue chasing after the others, and the boy trips. Martina tells him more of her 'tragic' story, much to the boy's dismay, but she does bandage up the boy's knee. She even carries him piggy-back as she resumes the chase! "Go get 'em, lady!"

As they walk, they eventually stop at what seems to be a slight indentation in a mountain, on the path. Gourry asks Xelloss something, and Xel reveals his true age to be about 1012 years or so, which elicits a very strange reaction from the wisdom-impaired Gourry. In the indentation, Milgasia extends his hand to Lina, and asks her to come with him. She asks, "Where?" which prompts Milgasia to motion to the mountain wall. Milgasia begins to form a portal. The others (Gourry, Amelia, Xelloss, and Zelgadiss) say for her to go on, and that they'll wait for her, but just before Lina and Milgasia enter it, they get attacked! Seigram reappears, raining down attacks, which are deflected as Amelia casts a Valis Wall spell. Zelgadiss charges his sword with the Astral Vine, and he and Gourry attack Seigram as well.

Lina and Milgasia enter the portal, and are spotted by Martina and the boy who run up! Martina sets the boy down and dashes after them, grabbing Lina's ankle! Lina and Martina get led through the portal, searching for the true Clair-Bible, while Seigram and Xelloss have a midair Mazoku-style firefight in the background...

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