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Episode #21

Truth of the milennium! The traitorous Chaos-Dragon King!


Seigram and Xelloss continue their battle, teleporting from one place to another so quickly that the others can barely see them fighting. They knock down a rock or two, but Zelgadiss summons a shield to protect the group. Seigram and Xelloss continue fighting, taking the battle elsewhere, but Seigram leaves behind two spheres, one red, and one gray.

Lina finds herself in a world of crystal (I think this is a realm in the Astral Plane, but I'm not entirely sure). Humans have never set foot in this world before, and Lina almost doesn't either, as Martina has a hold of one of them, having followed Lina through Milgasia's portal. Martina and Lina argue for a bit over who will claim the Clair-Bible until Milgasia breaks up the dispute. He tosses a crystal off to the side, and both of the two dash for it, but neither is able to catch it. Milgasia tells them that because they spent so much time arguing, they missed their chance for the Clair-Bible.

"That was a joke." Milgasia has a very dry sense of humor.

Milgasia wants to know why Xelloss is accompanying Lina, to which Lina says that they are certainly not friends. Milgasia explains that, a long time ago, Xelloss singlehandedly exterminated a large, large number of dragons. So, naturally, Milgasia of the Gold Dragon race would have a natural antipathy towards the Mazoku (Race of Evil), Xelloss in particular. Oh, and it would seem Aqua, the old lady, is here in the realm as well... she says, "It has been a long time, hasn't it, Milgasia?"

Of the two spheres attacking the others, the gray one defends, and the red one attacks. Every time Gourry swings for the red sphere, the gray one intercepts his sword and defends it. After a while, the group stops attacking the spheres, after which the spheres begin circling the group. Amelia finds this quite annoying, and swears to use the power of Justice to save them...

Aqua and Lina talk for a bit, but Martina interrupts them, lifting up Aqua by her robes and demanding the Clair Bible. Aqua says that she will show them, and leads them into a sphere composed of six-pointed stars. There is another, smaller sphere within it, which Aqua says is the Clair Bible. Martina makes a leap for it, but is blocked by a shield, much to her dissatisfaction. (And most likely, to Milgasia's relief.) Lina walks up to the sphere and touches it... a voice from within the sphere speaks to her, surprised that a human has reached it.

A thousand years ago, Dark Lord (Chaos-Dragon) Gaav and a blue dragon (presumably Aqua herself) were locked in mortal combat for the fate of the world. One of the seven pieces of Shabranigdu had come alive, and there was a battle for control of it. Lina asks about the power of darkness within darkness, channeled by the Lord of Nightmares. The Clair-Bible explains that the Lord of Nightmares has control over all negative emotions (I think) and wants control of all of the worlds. Channeling this power leads to the Lord of Nightmares becoming stronger. The Giga Slave channels these negative emotions, and thus would lead to the strengthening of the Lord of Nightmares.

Lina falls out of her trance, dropping the sphere, but as Martina tries to grab it, the sphere disappears. Lina wants to know more about the darkness and its capabilities, but her conversation with Milgasia and Aqua about it is rudely interrupted by a fireball from Gaav, who has suddenly appeared! Aqua blocks the fireball, and then Gaav throws one at Lina, which is blocked by Milgasia. Gaav wants to put an end to Lina, and the knowledge about the power of the darkness, but Milgasia swears to protect both. Milgasia sends Lina and Martina out of the realm, which suddenly explodes!

The others are still fighting the sphere, which refuse to let their guard down. Lina and Martina re-emerge, landing headfirst onto Zelgadiss and the ground, respectively. Martina runs to the boy who followed her here, and he calms her down. Amelia gets an idea. She calls forth the power of Visfarank, which energizes her fists into boxing gloves of Justice, and swats the gray sphere aside. She follows up by chasing the red sphere down, hammering on it repeatedly, while Zelgadiss calls forth Astral Vine and slashes his spirit energy at the disoriented gray sphere. Together they destroy the spheres!

Yet while Amelia proclaims her "Victory!!" Seigram appears behind her and knocks her into the mountain wall. Lina runs up in an attempt to heal Amelia, but her magic is not strong enough to undo the damage. Milgasia appears, confirming that Aqua escaped safely as well, and begins to heal Amelia's damage. Lina herself challenges Seigram, beginning to chant the Laguna Blade. Seigram is surprised that Lina has mastered such powerful magic, and backs away... right into the point of Xelloss' staff. While Xelloss has him cornered, Lina slashes Seigram in half with the Laguna Blade. But then Xelloss gets backstabbed himself, as a hole is ripped into his torso from behind! Chaos-Dragon Gaav has returned, as well!

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