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Episode #22

The stolen Sword of Light! The final hour of the Chaos-Dragon!


Xelloss holds himself together, most of his chest missing due to Chaos-Dragon Gaav's blast from last episode. Gaav lifts up Xelloss, demanding again to know what Xelloss is doing in association with the Hellmaster. Xelloss looks back to the others for advice, and then returns to Gaav, "That is a secret." And on that note, when Gaav becomes fully enraged, Xelloss teleports away.

Lina looks around, wondering where Xelloss could possibly hide such that Gaav couldn't find him, but then finds herself coughing up blood. Seems she overexerted herself in her battle against Seigram, with the Laguna Blade that brings her ever closer to the Lord of Nightmares each time she casts it. Gaav approaches the weakened Lina, but Gourry and Zelgadiss walk up as well, to defend her. Gaav smiles, welcoming the challenge, and Gourry and Zelgadiss begin their assault!

Zelgadiss casts a Ra-Tilt at Gaav, but Gaav simply shrugs it off, claiming that that kind of magic has no effect on him. Neither does Gourry's Sword of Light, which the swordsman Mazoku catches and tosses aside with a wind attack. Milgasia, on the sidelines, has revived Amelia, and she runs to the forefront, catching Gaav with her Dynast Breath spell, again, to little avail.

Milgasia walks up to her, reviving her with his magic. He then turns to depart, saying that he must leave, but that he will return. Amelia, meanwhile, summons the power of Justice against Gaav, claiming to put an end to his evils... but somehow, Gaav brings up the corruption that has already taken place in the world by humans (I think) and throws Amelia into doubt. Her slight moment of hesitation is enough for Gaav to teleport behind her and swing, but Zelgadiss leaps between Gaav and Amelia, taking the brunt of the attack, and suffering dearly for it. Gourry charges again, and is equally smited by Gaav.

Lina joins the battle again, chanting the Laguna Blade. Lina and Gaav leap into mid-air, the blade of Gaav's sword meeting her Laguna Blade; Lina's mystic blade cuts through Gaav's, and tears into his shoulder! Gaav clutches at Lina's neck, but still she drags her dark magic blade down through him, and they both fall back to the ground, Gaav careening off into the distance.

Lina leans against the valley wall to catch her breath, and Milgasia, in his dragon form, flies after the fallen Gaav. Amelia runs up to hug Lina, as Zelgadiss walks up carrying Gourry. Martina runs to hug the boy... but the boy is gone. Suddenly, rocks fly up ahead of the group, and Gaav makes a new entrance! "This has been very amusing," he says... Gourry picks the weakened Lina up in his arms, saying "This is our chance."

"ESCAPE!!!" The group flees from the valley, as Gaav lays down a blast of destruction after them. But then, Gaav screams as a hole of dark energy erupts from his chest... and the boy, sitting on a nearby rock, seems to be responsible. He laughs at Gaav, saying to him that Lina Inverse is his, not Gaav's. He introduces himself to the no-longer fleeing humans, "My name is Fibrizo, the Hellmaster." The boy snaps his finger, and Chaos-Dragon Gaav's life is undramatically extinguished in a burst of flames.

Fibrizo asks Lina if she seeks the true Clair-Bible, to which she nods. The Lord of Nightmares wants to control this world, but apparently the Hellmaster here wants its destruction. Gaav wanted control, as well, to guide it to his ends, which were not quite compatible with the Hellmaster's.

Martina grows upset with the impudence of the "child" Fibrizo and attempts to punish him with Zoamel Gustav's might... but the fictitious Zoamel Gustav is no match for Fibrizo's power, and he brushes her aside. He considers a plan, then points to Gourry, nodding, "You! You are very good!" and surrounds him in negative energy. He abducts Gourry with his net of energy, flying off into the distance. Lina runs after Fibrizo and Gourry, but after a while collapses, coughing up blood from overexertion...

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