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The OVA ("Original Video Animation," or direct-to-video) releases of Slayers seem to have been done with the same or similar character designs as the movies. The OVAs and movies take place before the three TV series, as they were based on the Slayers Special (SP) short stories; meaning Lina is only 14, hasn't met Gourry or the others yet, and still has Naga as an occasional traveling companion.

There were three OVAs in the first OVA series, confusingly titled Slayers Special, released in English by ADV Films within two video volumes, Slayers: Dragon Slave and Slayers: Explosion Array. A second mini-series of 3 Slayers OVAs has also been released, collectively titled Slayers Excellent.


The first series has been released by ADV Films and can be purchased either through them or a domestic dealer such as AnimeNation. The other OVAs can be picked up through fan subtitlers; check the Fan Subtitlers section of the Anime Web Turnpike for more information.


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