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About the other media -- Where to get it

This section's small in comparison to the rest of the site, mainly because you can find images of Slayers at just about any other Slayers site. Still, there's a little bit of information here about the stuff that doesn't come in book or animated form. Have any info on the games, CD's, CD-ROM's, or anything else Slayers-related that you want to contribute? Please let me know, I want to keep this section as updated as the rest of the site, if possible!

Slayers CD's
(Music galore!)
Slayers Royal
(Playstation & Saturn video game)
Slayers Royal 2
(Playstation & Saturn video game)
[Slayers Wonderful]
(Playstation game)
(Super Famicom game)
[Slayers Hyper]
CD-ROM collection)

Probably the easiest to find of the Slayers material, the CDs, CD-ROMs, and games are available all over the 'net. Try National Console Systems for the games, and Nikaku Animart and Digital Discs Anime ought to have the rest.


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