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Episode #1

Majestic Magnificence? Let's Raise the Sails For Our Trip!


Lina wakes up. She finds that someone has slipped a letter under the door to the room in which she is staying. The letter is from someone named "Filia."

Prince Philionel is giving a speech to a congregation of Lords in the hope of finding help in exploring the new areas of the world that have recently become accessible. The land in which Slayers has taken place was cursed -- surrounded by a Mazoku barrier that could not be breached by the people inside. Now the barrier is broken, and Phil plans on sending a "message of peace" to people in the new lands.

Lina and Gourry are on the docks enjoying the delicacies of Saillune. Gourry hasn't heard of the Mazoku barrier, so Lina tells him the story. The barrier apparently was broken by a "very beautiful and powerful sorceress who defeated Hellmaster Fibrizo." Gourry doesn't understand who the "beautiful and powerful" sorceress is, so Lina enlightens him.

Lina and Gourry meet Zelgadiss on a vacant tower. Zelgadiss has come to Saillune in hope of gaining access to one of the departing ships; he wants to find a cure for his condition in the new lands. While Lina and Zel are talking, Gourry falls asleep. Suddenly, a mysterious blonde appears, claiming to be Filia. Lina asks what she wants; Filia says that she will tell them what she wants after she tests their power. Lina asks what she means, but Filia doesn't get a chance to answer because Gourry is looking up her dress. She screams, grabs a mace from under her dress, and whacks Gourry hard enough to send him flying across the port and into the ocean! Filia drops her mace and runs away crying.

Later on, the group has collected Gourry and is meeting in another building. Zelgadiss asks the battered Gourry why he looked up Filia's dress. Gourry says that he just wanted to see what was under it; Zelgadiss says that that's exactly what perverts do. Gourry says that Filia had a tail.

The next morning the group has gathered out on the dock to see the celebration for the exploration. Phil is giving a dramatic speech about nothing in particular with Ameria's help. Lina spots Ameria from the crowd and starts screaming and waving. Ameria shudders and tells herself that she is just hearing things. Filia appears, shyly stating that she left something the other day. Zel tosses her her mace, and Filia is happy again. She asks them if they remember what she told them yesterday. They say yes, and then Filia simply disappears.

Lina has shoved her way through the crowd and to the stage to greet Ameria. Ameria grabs a mask in a desperate attempt to keep Lina from identifying her and tells Lina that she must have the wrong person. Phil greets Lina. Ameria sighs and takes off her mask.

On a deserted tower, Filia is glowing and she screams. There is a burst of gold light, and a dragon suddenly appears in her place.

A Gold Dragon is attacking the port. Lina and company decide that it must be their test. Lina grabs Zel, Gourry, and Ameria, and they board a ship in a Tarzan-ish fashion. The captain of the ship is less than thrilled to see them take over his ship, but he gladly passes the command to the group after the dragon makes a destructive pass near his ship. Coincidence, ne?

Ameria takes command and orders a group of royal sorcerers to throw fireballs at the dragon. The dragon replies by firing a laser from its mouth. Ameria and Zelgadiss do a Burst Flare and cancel the beam, but the explosion causes the ship to be tossed wildly. Everyone except for Lina and her crew gets knocked overboard. Gourry fires a light beam from his Hikari no Ken, but the dragon dodges and the beam hits another ship which proceeds to explode. The dragon hits the ship with a laser beam. Lina decides that she has had enough of this, and so she climbs up to the tip of the stern and casts a Va Ru Flare. She hits the dragon, and when the dragon is enveloped in flames, she thinks that she's won.

The flames dissipate, though, and the dragon remains. It starts to fire up another laser beam. Lina tells Gourry to turn the ship portside, but, of course, he turns it the wrong way. Lina throws a Sea Blast from her newly precarious position (hanging off of the side of the boat by a rope). The dragon stops the spell with a laser beam and smiles a little bit. Then the dragon turns around and starts to fly away.

Lina thinks, how dare that dragon try to get away?! She tells Gourry to turn to the starboard side, and Gourry turns the correct way with the help of Zelgadiss standing in front of him and holding up arrows to tell him which way the wheel should be turned. Lina begins a Dragu Slave. Many dramatic camera angles follow, and Zelgadiss and Ameria put on shades. Lina finally releases the Dragon Slave and it hurtles towards the Dragon. We see the dragon disappear, but from Lina's perspective the dragon was destroyed. She is swearing that Filia will pay for her little games when she notices that her friends are panicked. Lina asks what is wrong, but all her friends can do is stutter "tsuna" over and over again. Lina looks around and screams the word her friends were trying to say: "Tsunami!!!" (Lina has had many good ideas, but throwing a Dragu Slave into the ocean was not one of them.) The tsunami crashes into the boat.

Ameria uses a telescope to survey the damage. Their ship is the only one still afloat, and the port is dead. Lina decides that the only thing to do is run away... er ...begin the exploration! She convinces an unwilling Ameria to go, and they head off.

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