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Episode #2

Half Believing, Half In Doubt? The Letter From Home Town!


Ameria reaches up slowly, grabbing a dagger. Lina and Gourry are lying on the deck face-down. Gourry looks like a corpse (an incredibly stupid-looking one) and everyone is starving, because all the food fell overboard during the fight. An unfortunate bird lands beside Lina and begins picking at her hand. Lina quickly grabs the poor bird and begins ripping its feathers out with Gourry's help. Zelgadiss saves the animal and lets it go. He says that if birds are around, than land must be nearby. As Lina is leaning over the edge of the boat punching the air because of her loss, she spots land. She has a sudden incredible burst of energy, and she uses half a dozen Bomb di Wind spells to fill the sails and get the group to land.

In a dark cave somewhere else, a man with blue-green hair is telling a large creature that the Hikari no Ken is the last item and must be found.

A large creature, a fox, and a team of lizard people are riding on large flightless birds at top speed down a dirt road towards a city. The scene changes to a bell tower. A man standing in the bell tower sees a cloud of dust appear on the road headed towards the town and starts ringing the bell urgently. The townspeople are doing random panicking and closing up the entrance to the town, but with the help of a cannon lit by the fox, the group destroys the gates. The fox asks the large creature (his boss) what to look for, and his boss says to look for anything valuable. The lizard people ransack the village and build up a pile of valuables.

Suddenly everyone feels the ground start to shake. They look up, and Lina's boat goes crashing into the town. The group jump off of what is left of the poor boat, screaming their war cry ("Food!"), and rush forward. Then they see the carnage. Lina is upset at the inconvenience and jumps up on a tall object. Then, she starts giving a justice speech! She states her annoyance that they are getting in her way when she is hungry. The camera pans to Gourry, who has also made it up onto a tall object. He says that Lina is right and that his group won't play fair if they make them any hungrier. The fox's boss, named Grabos, asks who they are, and Lina tells him that she doesn't have to tell her name to anyone who keeps her from food. Then Ameria joins in from another tall object, saying that it is evil to steal valuable things from innocent people, and that she will teach them a lesson in the name of love, justice, and hunger! Then Zelgadiss joins in from atop a tall object, saying that they should leave, or else he won't be responsible for what happens. The enemies resist, and so the group attacks.

Ameria uses her "Fist of Hunger" and Lina throws a flare arrow. Gourry manages to use his light sword, and they get through the lizard people and to the fox and his boss. Then the enemies realize that the sword Gourry holds is the Hikari no Ken. The enemies wonder how such savage people could have the weapon. The fox (Jiras) then throws a bomb. Gourry catches the bomb in his mouth. After the explosion he ends his corpse imitation. Lina asks what that was and Zelgadiss says that it is a bomb, and Rezo researched explosives at his lab, but they weren't that powerful compared to magical explosions.

Lina likes the sound of this and shoots an Aqua Create at Jiras. Jiras is surprised, and then Lina performs a Mega Brand, frying Jiras. Grabos tries to shoot a cannonball at Lina next while Lina blabbers on about a "beautiful and powerful sorceress", but Zelgadiss blocks it...with his head. He triumphantly tries to tell the shocked enemies that he is part golem, but before he can finish his sentence, he falls unconscious. Now Lina gets serious. She attacks with a Gark Ruhaad, Burst Flare, and various other spells that cause large explosions, while shouting their war cry!

As a reward for ridding the village of the creeps, Lina and company get fed. Lina and Ameria get into a nasty fight over food...on the table.

Zelgadiss is trying to figure out where they are. He figures out that they are a little bit south of the destroyed desert, just outside of the barrier.

Once the fight is over and everyone is happy, one of the townspeople tells them that the bandits had been hitting all of the towns in the area. Lina leans backwards in her chair and notices something in the sky. She falls over and out of her chair, and then leans over the edge shouting in confusion.

Zelgadiss is still playing with maps when he sees something flying overhead that surprises him: a Gold Dragon. He starts running in the direction of the group. Lina cannot believe that the Gold Dragon is still alive. She curses, gathering Gourry and Ameria, and starts running.

The group runs down the streets of the city following the Gold Dragon. The Gold Dragon lands behind some old ruins, glowing gold. Lina and the group are running towards the ruins and they can see a golden glow behind the rocks. When the arrive at the ruins they are shocked to see the dragon turn into a young girl: Filia. Everyone is shocked, except for Ameria who is confused about how Lina could know who the girl is.

Filia has set up a table and is pouring herself a cup of tea. Lina demands that Filia tells her what she wants. Filia says that she is from the land that was outside the barrier. She says that she works as a miko for the Flare Dragon King. Gourry says that he must have really seen a tail then. Filia blushes and says that she isn't very good at keeping her human form yet, and sometimes her tail sticks out. Lina thinks that that is very well and good, but she wants to know why Filia attacked them. Filia says that she was supposed to test their abilities. Lina protests, saying that Filia destroyed the city just for that?! Filia says that she didn't destroy the city, and that Lina destroyed the city. She begins to explain that the Ryuzoku (Dragon Clan) need Lina and her group's help to stop the prophesied destruction, she explains further.

The scene shifts to Grabos, who is on a raft with Jiras and the few surviving lizard people. He is wondering why the Gull-Nova is in the hands of Lina's group.

Filia is telling of the prophesied destruction. This is what she says:

Those who control the evil stars shall be led by the Light, and will hide the world in Darkness. Dragon blood shall cover the world, leading the power of Light and Dark, revealing the stars. The power of those stars shall be darker than twilight and brighter than the sunrise. When at its peak, it will become a streaking arrow that will pierce the heavens.

She says that they cannot interpret it, but humans are probably the key. So, they searched for humans with magical powers. Lina thinks about the idea of humans saving the world for a minute, and then bursts out laughing, spitting her tea across the table and cast. She decides that it's not bad to be the representatives of humanity, though. Filia does not find Lina's actions amusing, and slyly says that they are not representatives, but alternatives.

Lina takes a break from her laughing and screams, "You weren't looking for the most powerful humans?" Filia smiles and says that their first choice was someone else, but she was too busy with her part-time job, so Lina and her friends were selected as runners-up. Lina says that she will not risk her life if she is considered a runner-up. Filia continues her Xelloss imitation and asks if that means that they won't. Lina says of course not. Filia continues smiling and says that they were told that Lina was going to react like this, and so the first representative gave them a letter. Lina opens the letter and reads it. She pales and asks if this person works as a waitress.

Filia smiles and says yes, and Lina screams. She digs herself a grave and buries herself. Lina's friends are confused, and Ameria grabs the letter as it flutters down. It says: "Just do it. - Big Sister". At the sound of those words, Lina screams from underground that her sister is going to kill her. Filia confirms that, saying that "If Lina-san won't do it, she said she'd punish her." The rest of the group cannot fathom the idea of someone Lina could possibly be afraid of. Lina screams for forgiveness from her tomb.

The scene changes to the dark cave. The man with blue-green hair has been informed that the Gull-Nova (Hikari no Ken) has crossed the barrier. He confirms that fact that Lina has something to do with the light sword, and then a shadowy figure appears behind him. The shadow restates the fact that the sword has been located, and the man with the blue-green hair says that he knew who had the Gull-Nova from the beginning. Grabos says that they will get the Gull-Nova, but the man with the blue-green hair says that the mission is too difficult for them. He says that there is a sword even more powerful than the Hikari no Ken, and they should go find that one. Then he says that he will get the Hikari no Ken and destroy Lina Inverse.

The sun is setting as Lina sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean, crying. Filia walks up and asks if they are going to take on the mission. Lina says that she has no choice. She says that she thinks her sister did this to her intentionally and that her sister is strict and strong but always has a reason. Lina says that she will try her best.

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