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Episode #3

Where Is That Arrogant Bastard Going?!


Lina and Gourry are eating, Ameria is gazing at the sea while she eats, Zelgadiss is sipping coffee, and Filia is looking angry. She says that they need to hurry and get to the Flare Dragon King's temple, and that Lina is wasting precious time. Zelgadiss asks Filia for more details, but she says that a prophecy is not like a weather report.

Zelgadiss decides that he has had enough of waiting around, crap, puts down his coffee, gathers his sword and leaves. Filia is shocked, but Lina says not to worry about him. Then, Lina decides that it is time to go. Filia asks hopefully if they are going to find the Fire Dragon King's temple, and Lina says no. They are going to find more food, of course! Lina and Gourry go charging out. Filia screams about how nobody is taking this seriously and her tail pops up. Ameria tells her not to worry about it. Filia clings to a pillar for support, crying. Then, she cringes suddenly; she says that she has a bad feeling....

The bandits are attacking a village of what looks like Jawas out in the middle of the desert. Grabos grabs a Jawa and says that there should be an ancient sword in the village. The Jawa says that they are the Guardians of the legendary sword, and they are protecting it: it must not....

The camera angle switches suddenly to an overhead view. The viewer can partially see the roof of one of the huts. Someone steps into the camera, but the viewer can only see the corner of a black cape and a pair of brown shoes. The camera angle changes again, showing the hut in the background. The person standing on the roof is not in focus, but the person is carrying a familiar looking staff. Grabos finishes with the Jawa and the camera changes to the person on the roof, but only some of the face can be seen. The person smiles slightly, vanishing.

Ameria has found the perfect place to be while Lina and Gourry are fooling around - the highest place in the city. She starts singing about justice to the tune of "Otome no Inori" while a crowd of people gathers below. They cannot believe their eyes -- one old lady starts going on about "kids these days" when a very familiar ruby-red staff deposits a frog on the old lady. The old lady screams and hurtles forward, banging her forehead on the ground as she lands. Ameria spots the trouble and leaps from the tower. Everyone gasps, thinking that she will surely die, but Amelia slows her descent. The crowd is in awe, especially after Ameria heals the old lady's forehead. The popular opinion is that she is an angel. Ameria is slightly confused...

The scene changes to a sorcerer who is performing a light spell; a crowd of awed children is his audience. Zelgadiss, wandering the streets of the town, comes to an old vine-covered gate. He jiggles it, but it doesn't open. The sorcerer who was performing the light spell tells Zelgadiss that he can't get in there and that the temple has been locked for centuries. The viewer can just see the bells go off in Zel's head as he repeats the word "temple." Zelgadiss fires up Dam Brass and destroys the gate. He looks around the temple and, to his despair -- but not surprise -- doesn't see anything that looks like it may hold a cure. He then calls the sorcerer in. He requests that the sorcerer lead him to more temples. The sorcerer gets down on his knees and asks that he not be killed. Zelgadiss is surprised, but says that he won't kill the man -- this time.

Of course, the next thing we see is a shot is of the whole city, covered with explosions. Then: a crowd of people and the same ruby-red staff pointing at a temple with a hole in its wall. Zelgadiss is inside this last temple and still hasn't found anything promising. He asks to be taken to the library next, but when he walks outside, he is met by an angry crowd. At first he is appalled at the way they describe him as a monster, but then he smiles and says that those are beautiful words.

Ameria is taking full advantage of her treatment as an angel. She is giving a Phil-style speech about justice and the true way, complete with Hotohori-style sparkles. The townspeople are cheering. Suddenly someone comes running in shouting about a devil that is attacking the town. Ameria says that she will show how justice triumphs over all. The crowd cheers once more!

Lina and Gourry are ascending some steps with armfuls of food when they hear about a fight between an angel and a devil. They arrive at the area where the battle is to take place and see a large crowd, a bunch of people that are knocked out or dead, one sheepish-looking Zelgadiss, and one Ameria. Ameria asks, "Why does this always seem to happen?" Zelgadiss looks quite pleased with himself. He apologizes and says that he must have been a little hyperactive. Gourry and Lina facefault. Then Filia walks into the circle made by the crowd around Zelgadiss and Ameria; she looks outraged. Ameria scrambles out of her way, wisely, while Filia marches towards Zelgadiss, screaming, "I will end this now!" Drawing her mace, she then smacks Zelgadiss out to sea.

Xelloss can be seen in the background, laughing so hard that he falls off his his perch.

Filia is giving the group a lecture. Zelgadiss is lying on a couch in pain. Ameria suspends a bag of ice over Zel's forehead with a fishing rod, and the rest of the team is scattered in various places around the room. Gourry laughs and asks how such a mess got started. Zelgadiss says that the people in this town are surprised by their magic. Filia says that the only countries with significant amounts of magic were trapped inside of the barrier; and the strongest spells these people know are spells such as Lighting and Sleeping. Lina comes to the conclusion that this means that they now the invincible heroes. Zelgadiss says that they don't seem to consider him a hero, and he's leaving. Filia, excited that they are finally getting underway, grabs Lina and runs out.

The team is walking through the town. Zelgadiss has tucked his hood over his head, feeling relieved that no one recognizes him - but after just a short while, the townsfolk have stopped what they were doing to begin staring at him. Lina, Gourry, and Ameria are still walking ahead; Lina is upset that she is leaving this town, and is wondering if there will be food in the next town. Filia is walking slightly behind them. She stops and gasps.

A certain familiar trickster priest slinks across the road in the background. Filia gasps again. She is trying to figure out what that feeling was. Xelloss moves across the road again, a little closer this time. Filia whirls around, but misses him. Zelgadiss is scuttling along the wall of a nearby building. He stops when he sees the group has stopped and is talking to Filia. Lina asks Filia what's wrong, and Filia replies that she just has a bad feeling. Ameria asks if it is a new vision. Filia clenches her fists and says "No! A wave of inexplicable anger is flowing through my body!"

Xelloss is still creeping along the wall of a nearby building. A shiver runs through Filia's body; she gasps and her tail pops out. All of the townsfolk stop. The team surrounds Filia, trying to hide her tail. Lina wonders if anybody saw it. Zelgadiss becomes a bit hysterical, saying that they are sticking out like a sore thumb. Ameria tries to calm Zel, and Lina tries to calm the townspeople. Then, Lina sees someone running away a little ways down the street.

Her eyes widen, and she takes off after the person, leaving Ameria to try and cover for her. When she reaches the gates of the town, she sees the person vanish. She gasps, looking concerned. The rest of the group makes it to Lina and ask what's wrong. Lina says that they may be dealing with a real devil, after all.

Grabos is trying to pull the legendary sword from a stone. Jiras asks if he wants a bomb, but Grabos declines the offer. Jiras decides to cheer Grabos on, instead. The stone holding the sword begins to crack. The Jawas are frightened, predicting an upcoming calamity.

Armeis asks Vargarv if the Holy Sword is the one they are looking for. Vargarv says that he is not sure, and he is going to go after the Gull-Nova. Vargarv is happy thinking about killing Lina Inverse.

Lina & co. are walking through the desert towards the Jawa village. They are trying to figure out what Xelloss is doing. (Good luck.) Lina says, none too happily, that the Mazoku must be involved in some way. Zelgadiss agrees and turns to ask Filia what she thinks. This is when the cast learns that they shouldn't mention the word "Mazoku" around Filia. Filia has her arms crossed, tail out, and head down. She is sparking electricity, muttering "Mazoku" over and over again. She finally lifts her head up and asks, loudly, if Lina had just said the word "Mazoku". Ameria screams in fright.

Filia screams "WHERE IS THE MAZOKU!?!?!?" and pounds her mace into the ground, causing an explosion that sends everyone flying. As the group, minus a now-unconscious Filia, is getting up, Ameria spots someone walking through the dust. Lina asks if it is a Mazoku.

The object of their query, Vargarv, says "Close enough." He says that he has been waiting for the day when he could finally meet Lina Inverse. Lina says that she must be famous in this land already. Vargarv says that the "great and powerful sorceress is just an arrogant fool." Then he throws a glowing red spell at the group. Lina wonders where she's seen that power before, and then she realizes it is the same magic as Gaav's. Vargarv confirms this, introducing himself as Vargarv, the last of Gaav's servants. He also says that he is going to kill Lina as revenge for taking part in Gaav's slaying.

He throws another powerful spell. Lina, Zelgadiss, and Ameria put up a sheild, but they are having a hard time holding it. Gourry remains by Filia, ready to protect them if needed. Lina asks why she has to go through this again and wonders where Xelloss is. Xelloss appears just above the battle, smiles, and says that all of the players are in place... but in place for what?

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