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Slayers originated as a series of short stories in the Japanese Dragon magazine - the first story was released in September, 1989. The stories were then released as novels, which then spawned the manga and TV series.

Update: TokyoPop has now licensed the Slayers novels for release in English! The books will start coming out this September. Accordingly, Yuu-chan's translations, formerly posted here, have been removed in anticipation of the TokyoPop releases. Please support TokyoPop so that we can read the later novels in English!

  • #1: Slayers!
  • #2: The Sorcerer of Atlas
  • #3: The Ghost of Sairaag
  • #4: Battle of Saillune
  • #5: The Platinum Beast
  • #6: The Darkness of Vuezendei
  • #7: Gaav's Challenge
  • #8: Lord of the Ghost City
  • #9: The Cursed Sword of Bezeld
  • #10: Solaria's Strategy
  • #11: Crimson Delusion
  • #12: The Strategem of the Army of Dynast
  • #13: Road to the Demon's Reincarnation
  • #14: ??
  • #15: The Demon Slayers

Summaries of the novels can be found on QP's Slayers Page. Kinokuniya sells the original novels in Japanese, and in September, the novels will be available in English courtesy of TokyoPop.


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