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Sound Bible I

Cover of Sound Bible I

The soundtrack for the second TV series, Slayers Next, was released on three CD's, each called Sound Bibles in a slight homage to the Clair-Bible so prominent in the series itself. Each Sound Bible has a good mix of background music, original vocals, and remixes of the opening and ending themes. I highly recommend checking these out.

Release date: [not available]
Producer: Vink2

Track List

1. Monologue of Lina I
Lina gives us a quick run-down on the beginning of the series.
2. Give a Reason [REMIX]
This is my favorite version of the Slayers Next opening.
3. 次なる敵と次なる報酬 [NM-37+NM-38]
BGM: "The next enemy is the next reward"
4. 太陽の似合う場所から [NM-35+NM-34]
BGM: "From the place resembling the sun"
5. 己を信じて進むのみ [NM-26+NM-36]
BGM: "Advancing by trusting a snake"
6. 歓迎されざる人々 [NM-20+NM-30]
BGM: "The welcoming committee"
7. 誰が来ようとリナはリナ [NM-2+NM-1]
BGM: "No matter who wants to come, Lina will be Lina"
8. マルチナ、その野望と執念 [NM-7+NM-9]
BGM: "Martina, those ambitions and that tenacity"
9. 雨のFar away
A very sweet vocal track, "The Rain Is So Far Away," sung by Hiiragi Mifuyu (Martina)
10. It's Time for Action! [NM-8+NM-10+NM-11]
BGM track
11. 光る眼、光る刃 [NM-32+NM-19]
BGM: "Glistening eyes, glistening blade"
12. A Man of Cold Blood [NM-17+NM-16]
BGM track
13. ある愛の形 [NM-27]
BGM: "The kind of the love that is present"
14. Loneliness (that Nobody knows) [NM-5]
BGM track
15. 異界黙示録(クレアバイブル) [NM-40]
BGM: The kanji for Clair Bible mean "The record of the Apocalypse"
16. Why Should I Fear? [NM-21+NM-24]
BGM track
17. 無貌のセイグラム [NM-14]
BGM: "The formless Seigram"
18. The Evil Eye [NM-15]
BGM track
19. 巨大なる幻影の如く [NM-22]
BGM: "A phantom likeness of becoming stronger"
20. Break Out into the Battle [NM-18]
21. 勇気という名の鍵を手に一戦いの扉 [NM-33]
BGM: "The key of he named Courage, into the front door of battle"
22. 邪魔はさせない
The full version of the Slayers Next ending theme, "Don't Get In My Way!"
23. Monologue of Lina II
Lina commenting a little more about how their travels are going.


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