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Slayers Excellent #1


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The second OVA series seems to take place before the second one, but like the other OVAs, these stories are based off of the Slayers Special series of short stories.

The episode, like a good half of all Slayers stories if not more, begins with Lina eating at an inn somewhere. A commotion arises, and most of the people start running outside for some reason, but that's not going to stop Lina from finishing her meal. Some guy tries to persuade her to leave, reminiscing about his lost noodles, while the roof caves in.

Somehow, everyone makes it out safely, and when someone is revealed to still be inside the inn, Lina enters a flashback.

A scene, very much like the one just now, shows Lina outside a burning inn. She demands to be let back inside, saying that she had some very important luggage (carrying MUCH more important magical artifacts) inside. The guy restraining her reminisces about his Haniwa doll collection, but Lina insists that they're completely different situations. Then someone notices a woman standing atop the blazing inn. (We all recognize her as Naga, but this is the first time Lina met her.) The stranger points to the gathered people, calling forth "Lina Inverse!" Lina tries to act innocent, but the stranger points her out by a much-too embarassing description. The stranger challenges Lina, the "Lord of Evil" to a fight, and Lina says, "Okay, come on down from there!"

The stranger hadn't realized her predicament, and hadn't prepared a flight spell, so Lina helps her off the roof with a friendly ball of flame. The stranger is crisply toasted, and Lina walks off without a scratch.

The next day, the stranger chases down Lina, and introduces herself as Naga, the White Serpent. Lina pretends to have forgotten her, but Naga isn't done yet, and challenges her again! She prepares a demonic spell, holding her hands high...

...and poking herself in the ears with her ridiculously pointed shoulder-guards. Naga still wants to fight, though! She ends up losing, quickly, and once Lina think she's given up, Naga taunts her again, and Lina smacks her up with a Dill Brand spell.

"And so, that was the last I'd hear of my self-proclaimed rival, Naga the White Serpent. ... or so, I thought. But even now, she's still following me around..."

Standing outside the most recently destroyed inn, Naga is explaining yet again to Lina why the inn was blown up. The locals overhear, though, and demand repayment for the destroyed property. A fight begins to ensue, but the local elder happens by and offers a challenge. There seems to be an ancient mansion nearby, which the younger citizens seem to be wandering into and disappearing. Lina and Naga are implored to investigate; Lina doesn't want to get wrapped up in it, but apparently she's got a tab at the restaurant, and in the midst of a giant argument, she decides to go ahead since it's easier than proving she's right.

Lina's more than a little upset at that, but Naga points out that there's probably a great deal of treasure inside. They enter the labyrinthine mansion, wandering around for a long time. Lina marks her path with arrows so they don't get lost. They encounter a locked door, so Naga decides to use her magic to open it. She pokes herself in the ears again, so Lina decides to search for a hidden lock, and easily finds one, opening the door.

Bad idea, since there's a horde of zombies behind it. The two sorceresses flee, losing their way in the midst of the labyrinth. They come to a large room, populated by a horde of ghosts, which Lina easily dispatches. They find a giant statue, the representation of the vampire Schteindolf who resides in the mansion. They anger the vampire, causing him to take flight to the town and feast on the villagers, which is bad for them, but good for Lina and Naga, the treasure-robbers.

Lina and Naga think about the situation, though, realizing what's going on. The villagers have been sending people to the labyrinth as tribute to the vampire; the people trapped within the labyrinth become food for the vampire, who then no longer has to invade the village. Instead of sending their own people, the villagers con passers-by into entering the labyrinth instead.Just when they're about to open the treasure, though, Schteindolf returns, and he ain't happy. He challenges the two girls to a duel - Naga takes him up on that, hand on the pommel of her sword. Drama builds, but when Schteindolf draws his sword, Naga can't: "It's stuck." Lina uses the diversion to Mega Brand the vampire.

It didn't work, though, and now Schteindolf swears to reveal his true form. Unfortunately for him, it's nearing daylight and he's grown weak, so he's nothing more than a pipsqueak bat. Lina smacks up the vampire, using the pink bunny slipper she carries around for just such a purpose.

When gathering up their treasure, the two start bickering over who did the most work, and it eventually comes out that Naga, being such a good civil servant as she is, erased Lina's arrows, thinking that it was just graffiti on the walls. But never fear, Naga knows a way out of the labyrinth - just blow a hole through the domed ceiling. Problem with domes is that the center of the dome bears a good deal of weight, and this causes the mansion to come crashing to the ground. And of course, Naga's the first to complain about the thirty tons of rocks that come crashing down atop them, too...

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