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Aero Bomb エアロ・ボム
Category: Shamanism / Air
Makes a compact ball of air explode in the desired location. This spell deals little damage, and was created to deflect things like arrows and offensive spells. Since it can be used against all kinds of attacks, it is considered a useful beginners' spell.

Air Valm 空断壁(エア・ヴァルム)
Category: Shamanism / Air
A wall of wind appears in front of the spell caster and deflects attacks. Only effective against attacks from the front of the caster, but the spell also takes less time to cast. Effective against all attacks but earth-shamanism, since earth magic attacks from the ground.

Aqua Breathe 水気術(アクア・ブリーズ)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Makes it possible to breathe in water. Once this spell is cast, it lasts for a while so there is no need to concentrate in order to maintain the spell. This makes it possible to cast other spells in water. The downside is that the spell doesn't improve your movement in water and your equipment will get wet.

Aqua Create 浄結水(アクア・クリエイト)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Creates water.

Arc Brass 地霊咆雷陣(アーク・ブラス)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Note: Encylcopedia Slayers claims that this is a Shamanism / Earth spell for some reason.
With the spell caster as the center, makes lightning rain down on an area of several blocks. Death is highly unlikely. At the worst, the target(s) will suffer paralysis. At the best some the target(s) will suffer some kind of mental disorder. If the spell-caster is within line of sight, there is little possibility of avoiding this spell.

Assha Dist 塵化滅(アッシャー・ディスト)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell designed to attack undead. Most undead creatures such as vampires will disintegrate on contact.

Astral Break 呪霊四王縛(アストラル・ブレイク)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which destroys the target from the Astral Side. It is powerful enough to take out a Brass Demon with one hit. This spell is powerful, yet requires little time to chant the spell.

Astral Vine 魔皇霊斬(アストラル・ヴァイン)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which enchants a sword, axe, or other weapon with magic. A weapon enchanted in this way makes it possible to deal damage to Mazoku and becomes as powerful as the Sword of Light. However, this enchantment is only temporary.

Balus Rod 破砕鞭(バルス・ロッド)
Also known as: Valis Rod
Category: Black / Offensive
A whip of light appears in the caster's palm which can be used to attack. Unlike spells which are shot out, the movement of the whip can be more tightly controlled by the caster, improving the chances of hitting the target. The primary weakness of the spell is its short range.

Balus Wall 炎裂壁(バルス・ウォール)
Also known as: Valis Wall
Category: Shamanism / Fire
This spell is effective against flaming attacks (fire-shamanism, dragon's breath, and normal fire). Flames heading towards the caster would, instead of striking, would be diverted to the left and right of the spellcaster.

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