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Compared to Our World

The world basically resembles Europe in the Middle Ages. In place of science, the power of magic is dominant. However, since there are means of communication such as "Regulus Discs" and "Vision" (a spell) there isn't much of a difference with our world.


People can get a decent meal whenever there's an inn. However, travelers have to rely on things like dried meat or hunt and gather whatever's around.


In certain places there are things like horse racing, village events designed to attract outsiders, and anything from taverns to whorehouses. Well, they're common enough that if you know where to look, you can find them.

Political Structure

Most of the countries and realms are monarchies. There is a king in charge, and beneath him are lords, and then beneath the lords are mayors and village chiefs. Lords pretty much can do whatever they want...

Science and Medicine

Science hasn't developed much, since magic is used more often. However, the field of biotechnology and the creation of chimeras is fairly far advanced.

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