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Slayers Timeline

X years ago
Ruby Eye Shabranigdu and Flare Dragon Ceiphied fought over the world.
about 5000 years ago
Ruby Eye is split into seven parts and sealed. Flare Dragon leaves four parts of himself and sinks into the Sea of Chaos.
about 1000 years ago
Hellmaster Fiblizo brings about the War of the Resurrection of the Demon King. During this time, one of the seven parts of Shabranigdu awakens. Along with an army of Mazoku, the Demon King of the North wages war on the Water Dragon Lord at the Kataart Mountains. The Demon King of the North is victorious, but becomes unable to move from the Kataart Mountains.
120 years ago
The magic-beast Zanaffar appears in Sairaag, but is defeated by the hero with the Sword of Light.
20 years ago
Dirus II, ruler of the Kingdom of Dirus attacks the Demon King of the North. However, his soldiers are annihilated and he is cursed with the hideous Raugnut Rusyavuna.

Famous People in the History of the World

Shazaard Lugandi the Mage
Called 'the Great' by mages. About half of the prized magical items that exist in the world were created by him.
Luo Glaon the Mage
One of the Five Great Sages. He devoted his life to the research of White Magic.
Rei Magnus the Mage
The legendary mage who created spells such as Dragu Slave and Blast Bomb.
Rezo the Red Priest
One of the Five Great Sages. Said to serve no kingdom, roaming the lands helping those in need. The rebirth of Ruby Eye is what starts corrupting Rezo.

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