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Countries, Cities, Towns, and Villages

Lina's adventures take place in an area about the size of Europe. The land is further divided into countries (empires, federations, etc., but mostly monarchies), but there are no clear borders, because the capitals are surrounded by a number of large cities, which are then interconnected with other large cities by roads, and along these roads are towns and villages. This means that, away from the roads, there are uninhabited mountains and forests, and there are lands that make it impossible to draw boundaries. Most people think things like, "Up to that mountain is my land." Entry is regulated on the city level, but one can pretty much travel freely between the countries.

Places of Importance to the Story

Lina's birthplace. For some reason, a lot of "heroes" and "legendary" people have come from this country. When assassins and spies are sent to this land, they fail to return and even a Knight of Ceiphied is said to be working as a waitress here. The land seems to be the right place for developing hardy people.
Kataart Mountains
Originally a "holy mountain" guarded by the Water Dragon Lord, but after the War of the Resurrection of the Demon King, it has been turned into the headquarters of the Demon King of the North. There are also Dimos Dragons, said to reside only here.
The Headquarters of Ruby Eye's Lords
Hellmaster Fiblizo rules the Desert of Destruction which lies to the east of the Kataart Mountains. To the west, ruling the Demon Sea, is Deep Sea Dolphin; Wolf Pack Island, to the south, is the domain of Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium. Dynast Grauscherra has claimed the North Pole as his headquarters.

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