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Etcetera 1: Lina Inverse goes today, too!

Cover of Etcetera 1

"rina inbaasu kyou mo iku"

Review by Rachel F.

A collection of BGM from the first season, together with the full versions of the opening and closing songs, one Lina image song and two drama tracks.

It starts off with the first-season opener, which in case you've been living in a hole is entitled "Get Along" and is quite possibly the catchiest song in the known universe. The other vocals include Track 11, "Sleepless Nights," which is a very intense Lina image song. If you find the translation (Lina Inverse's Slayers Site) it tells a lot about Lina that the series doesn't necessarily tell us. The third vocal is the full version of "KUJIKENAIKARA!," the first-season closing, which sounds much better this way.

Notable BGMs include track 4 (pastoral village music and then the ominous end-of-episode, oh-look-it's-a-bad-guy-and-the-fight-is-after-the-commercial music), track 6 (Gourry's awesome theme), track 8 (two pieces that could pass on the classical station), and track 10 (stupid-villains-attacking music that doubles as Prince Phil's theme). If you find a BGM you don't like, don't change the track just yet - in case you couldn't tell from the prior summary, most of them have as many as three or four pieces on the same track.

Release date: [not available]
Producer: Vink

Track List

1. Get Along [ALBUM VERSION]
The full version of the first season opening.
2. Oh! What Lovely Lina [A-1+A-2]
BGM track
3. I Want This World [E-2+E-6]
BGM track
4. kakute yuusha wa tabi-tatan [C-1A+G-15(A-type)]
BGM: "The heroes begin their journey"
5. ikinashi dai-tate [G-11+D-6]
BGM: "The great dying sword battle"
6. Gourry the WARRIOR [B-1+B-4]
BGM track
7. sureiyaazu kurabu 1
Drama Track? Slayers Club #1
8. seisen-den 1 [E-3A,E-3B(Take 1)]
BGM: "Legend of the holy war"
9. aka-houshi rezo [E-1]
BGM: "Rezo, the red priest"
10. dou-chuu-ki [G-3+G-8+G-12]
BGM: "Tale of the path"
11. nemurenai yoru wa...
Vocal track: "Sleepless Nights"
12. Nightmare [G-7]
BGM track
13. M is for Monster [D-2+D-5]
BGM track
14. hiroikku akushon o douzo [H-2+H-5]
BGM: "Here's your heroic action..."
15. shouri wa atashi no tame ni aru! [A-3]
BGM: "Victory is mine!"
16. sureiyaazu kurabu 2
Drama Track? Slayers Club #2
The first TV season's closing theme
18. mite-kunakya, abare chauzo! [F-3]
BGM: "If you don't watch, I'll get violent!"


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