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Slayers TRY Treasury * VOX

Cover of Slayers TRY Treasury * VOX

Review by Rachel F.

Image songs! Get your image songs! One for every character! This is another one of those CDs you must buy- unless you want to get the Best of Slayers, which renders this almost completely redundant.

Itís simpler to just go track by track here- all of the songs here are notable, because theyíre all vocals. Note: That also means that this review got long.

Release date: [not available]
Producer: Vink3

Track List

1. Take Your Courage
A little experiment in English-language Slayers songwriting (itís technically to the tune of TRY ending Donít Be Discouraged, although it sounds little like it). The vocals make sense, the singer can sing, the mixing is decent. Bizzare for an English Slayers song, but there you go.
2. Breeze
The TRY opener. Though I freely admit that itís a little slower and less catchy than Get Along or Give a Reason, I for one think that itís without a doubt the best of the three. Just like the seasons, then.
3. But-But-But
Xellossí image song. Although the song is cute and entertaining, the singing is -- well, the singing canít fairly be called abysmal or hideous but neither can it by any stretch be called good either.
4. Stand up!
All you Ameria haters, take note: she really can sing. Extremely well. And they wrote a great song for her. So give her a little more respect and listen.
5. More Than Words
Possibly the most infamous image song in Slayers history. Itís also much better than its reputation implies -- after youíve learned to understand why Zelgadiss sounds like he does by watching the entire TRY season and finding a translation, of course.
6. Exit Running
Oy, this is getting long. Letís just say that Linaís never let us down yet in image song territory. She does not disappoint.
7. Waru Bad Blood
So whatís this? The villain gets an image song? The first few times, Valgaavís little ditty (a tale of never-ending angst and insanity, no less) sounds like a rocker, one of the best on the CD. After the first few times, the incessantly repeated Shaking, shaking in my soul! refrain begins to make it a tale of never-ending angst and insanity just to get through it once. (Iím exaggerating for drama, of course, but the sheer word repetitive does not cover it).
8. Somewhere
So, you have two choices. I could drag on this insanely long review even longer by babbling about Somewhere for hours. Or you could buy the CD or the end of TRY and see for yourself the true greatness of this Filia-sung English track. Take your pick.
9. So In The World
Features Gourry doing his imitation of Xelloss. Well, not really, but it sounds so much like Xellossí NEXT song Secret ~ Somebodyís Message, and the awesome Matsumoto Yasonori so much like Ishida Akira, that itís rather frightening -- no, this isnít a reason to buy the CD by a long shot.
10. Donít Be Discouraged
The ending to TRY is insanely fast, but is worth trying to keep up.


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