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Sound Bible II

Cover of Sound Bible II

Review by Rachel F.

A great group of vocals, together with two Gourry monologues and -- oh yeah, some BGM too. The second Sound Bible has a unique distinction among Slayers CDs that include any sort of BGM: it has the largest and most varied collection of vocals, together with the smallest and worst collection of BGM.

Vocals include (take a deep breath) ten tracks. There s track 1, which is, for some unfathomable reason, "Get Along" (from the first TV season) again. Track 4 is the full version of the spectacular NEXT theme "Give a Reason," once voted "Anime Song Most Likely To Be Sung Along To By Otaku." Track 9 is "Otome no Inori," Lina and Ameria's song from the NEXT episode in which they donned Sailor Moon outfits and sang in a very amusing manner. Track 11 is "We Are..." Zelgadiss' impressive image song which was the best of the second season (until "Set Me Free" blew it out of the water in the third Sound Bible). This is one of my favorites, but that's probably just because I'm a really sad Zel fan. Track 19 is "Jama wa Sasenai," the NEXT closing, a new and better version with a better mixing job. The rest of the vocals are the TV size opening and closing (tracks 21 and 24), Lina and Ameria versions for karaoke of "Otome no Inori" (tracks 22/23) and a truly bizarre little remix of "Give a Reason" which has to be heard to be believed.

This CD also features BGM, but there is almost nothing good here: about the only tracks I'd actually be able to stand are the ones after "We Are..." and before "Jama wa Sasenai." These are quite good, actually, but they are so few that they really shouldn't be considered an important part of the album. The vocals were obviously the showpiece of this one.

The second soundtrack is much like the first, with a few more remixes of the various songs. This one even comes with full versions of the first TV series OP, "Get Along."

Release date: [not available]
Producer: Vink2

Track List

1. Get Along
The full version of the first season opening.
Same as above, without Megumi Hayashibara's voice.
3. Monologue of Gourry I
Gourry tries to plan his day. Emphasis on "tries."
4. Give a Reason
The original, full-length mix of the Slayers Next opening song, sung by Megumi Hayashibara.
5. densetsu no yuusha-tachi [NM-6]
BGM: "The arrival of the heroes"
6. Everyone was Hungry [NM-3]
BGM track
7. sore wa himitsu desu [NM-12]
BGM: "That's a secret."
8. Twinkle-Twinkle [NM-28]
BGM track
9. otome no inori
"A Maiden's Prayer," the song sung by Lina and Amelia in Next episode 14.
10. Between A and B [NM-39]
BGM: The music played for the commercial breaks. ("Eyecatch" music)
11. We are...
Zelgadiss' image song, telling about his long and winding path with no end.
12. Day after Day [NM-25A+NM-25B]
BGM track
13. ao-sora no shita de [NM-41]
BGM: "Under a Blue Sky"
14. Please, Show me the Way [NM-42A+NM-42B]
BGM track
15. ame no ato ni hana ga saku [NM-29]
BGM: "Flowers bloom after it rains"
16. Confusion [NM-23A+NM-23B]
BGM track
17. zerosu, makoto no sugata [NM-13]
BGM: "The true form of Xelloss"
18. Next door to... [NM-43]
BGM: ""
19. jama wa sasenai [LIVE ROCK-ON VERSION]
The Slayers Next ending theme with a lot more instruments.
20. Monologue of Gourry II
Gourry tries to recollect who Martina married.
21. Give a reason [TV SIZE VERSION]
The 95-second version of the NEXT opening song used on the TV episodes.
22. otome no inori [KARAOKE WITH LINA]
Same as track 9, with only Lina singing, so you can fill in for Amelia.
23. otome no inori [KARAOKE WITH AMERIA]
Same as track 9, with only Amelia singing, so you can fill in for Lina.
24. jama wa sasenai [TV SIZE VERSION]
The 80-second version of the NEXT closing song used on the TV episodes, "Don't Get In My Way!"
25. Give a Reason [GIGA-MIX VERSION]
Techno-popped dance-mix version of the NEXT opening theme, "Give a Reason"


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