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CD Submission Guidelines

Okay, I've gotten a ton of email about this, and I feel kinda bad about saying the same thing to everyone, so if you've got the CD and would like to help out, please read onwards:

I'm interested for at least two big things for each CD review, both of which would typically require a scanner. If you don't have access to a scanner, I'm afraid that I probably won't be able to utilize your submission. Please look at the NEXT Sound Bible page for an example of what I'm after.


  1. A good color scan of the front cover, 200x200 pixels or greater
  2. Either: or


  • A review of the CD, telling your opinion of the tracks, which ones you like the most, etc., preferably 2-3 paragraphs or less. ^^
  • The ISBN number underneath the barcode on the CD case exterior. It should start with "ISBN-4" and usually goes on for another 9-12 digits.
  • Release date and initial cost - if you scan the entire back of the CD, it will be on the bottom. If you don't see two dates, and don't see the price, then it's not an official CD.
  • Translations into English and transliterations of the Japanese of the track names are good, too. I still want the kanji, though. ^^
  • Anyways, I hope that this list of what I want from the CD pages clears up any confusion. If you do have the ability to complete the two required components, and want to contribute, just e-mail me at Thanks!


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