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Misguided Emails

Some people just don't listen.

Over the years I've been running this Slayers site, I've gotten a lot of email, but I must say that the one question people've been asking most is one that doesn't involve Slayers at all.

"Teach me magic."

Sorry, folks, I can't do that. Magic isn't my forte, and I don't know it. It says so quite clearly on the disclaimers I sprinkle across the site. Now... I did post a warning saying that I would post any message asking for me to teach them magic online, and that got many people to think twice... but not others, apparently... (names changed to protect the guilty)

From MSN, Aug 2001:

How do you do the Dragu slave spell in real life email me the correct Incantations

The correct incantations are on the website already, did you miss them?

From Yahoo:

hi xelloss my names is m. and iam 18 years old and i what to learn magic your pupil . bye m.

I had a few more interesting e-mails on my hard drive still, but since I didn't give them fair warning that their e-mails would be posted online, I'm "not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent..."


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