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Fireball (faiaa booru)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A ball of fire appears between the hands of the caster which can then be thrown. Upon contact with an object, the ball explodes, spreading flames. Caution is necessary when using this spell in enclosed area or forests because this spell affects a wide area. This is the most popular offensive spell. Lina uses variations of this spell such as making the ball of light appear in places other than between the hands, or making the ball of fire explode on the word "Break." Being able to cast this spell is one of the criteria for a full-fledged mage.
"Oh, source of all power, light which burns beyond crimson, let thy power gather in my hand. FIREBALL!"

Fishing Spell (iregui no jumon)
Category: White
Lina's original spell which makes fish bite onto the hook at the end of a fishing pole. Lina tries not to use this spell unless she's broke or something because there's a chance that all the fish in a river will become extinct, and it takes away from the joy of fishing.

Flame Breath (fureimu buresu)
Category: Black / Offensive
Karyuuou's priestess, Filia, cast this offensive spell with his power. Only dragons can cast this spell due to the enormous magic capacitance required.
"ateku...ra-zu-omu... ranaku-tsuraku... izu peku naomu... FUREIMU BURESU!"

Flare Arrow (furea aroo)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A spell which makes several fire arrows appear around the caster, and fly directly towards a target. The spell can be used to attack, or to make something catch on fire. The number of arrows that can be created depends on the caster's skill. Through careful arrangement, it is possible to make the arrows appear in places other than in front of the caster. This is the most basic offensive spell, but since the casting time is short, it is useful in combat.
"Source of all power, crimson fire burning bright. FLARE ARROW!"
"East winds that blow / Have you as their source / Into my hands / Ignite all their force! / FLARE ARROW!"

Flare Bit (furea bitto)
Also known as: Inferno Array
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A spell which creates several dozen small balls of light which burst upon contact. Each ball deals about the same damage as a slightly strong punch, making this a useful spell when wanting to capture, rather than kill, a target. The spell can also be used to frighten enemies or to use the smoke to reduce the visibility of the target.

Flare Lance (furea ransu)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
Several Flare Arrows are fused together to form a spear which is then shot at a target. The spell can be used for destruction or to light fires, but by controlling the strength of the spell, it is possible to turn a large rock into a heater or a medium sized rock into a frying pan.

Flare Seal (furea shiiru)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A pretty high-level anti-fire spell, which is so powerful that even while being in fire, no heat can be felt. However, using this spell in combat is difficult because of the long amount of time required for casting.

Flow Break (furou bureiku)
Category: White
A spell which negates the effects of all spells within the area. Cannot be used during combat. Except for white magic, all spells take their strength from the energy created by altering the natural flow of energy; this spell negates other spells by returning the flow of energy to normal.

Freeze Arrow (furiizu aroo)
Category: Shamanism / Water
The spell makes several ice arrows appear near the caster and then fly towards the target; the ice counterpart of Flare Arrow. The arrows can also be used to restrict an opponent's movement by freezing the target's feet to the ground. Though this spell is similar to Flare Arrow, it does not cause things to catch on fire, so in areas where there are many combustible such as towns, this spell comes in handy.

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