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Dark Claw (daaku kurou)
Category: Black / Offensive
A spell which shoots out magical energy balls, which tend to resemble winged insects with unclear edges. These balls cause the area which they touch to disintegrate, and go through the target's body. Of course, it is possible to kill the target, but it is also possible to remove an arm or a leg.

Dark Mist (daaku misuto)
Category: Shamanism / Water
Spell which fills the area with a dense black fog. In the black fog, even magically created light is completely absorbed. Once created, the fog remains even after the spellcaster stops concentrating.

Defense (bougyo no jumon)
Category: White
A white magic spell which creates a defensive shield. This spell's defensive capabilities are far greater than those of the spirit-shamanist spell, Windy Shield, but use a lot of magic power at once. As a result, this spell can only be cast a few times each day.

Demona Crystal (demona kurisutaru)
Also known as: Demonic Crystal
Category: Shamanism / Water
Highly effective spell which makes icy fog appear out of the ground, which then suddenly freezes anything within. Since the fog appears out from the ground, only battle-scarred veteran adventurers can dodge this spell.
"You who crosses between sky and earth, gently flowing water, gather in my hand and give me power: DEMONA CRYSTAL!"

Dicleary (dikuriarii)
Also known as: Detoxify
Category: White
This spell removes poisons from the body of the target. When there are two or more poisons present, all are removed. A spell which is nearly as popular as Recovery among clerics.

Diem Claw (dimu kurou)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Rearranging Diem Wind to blow wind vertically, with the caster in the center, as opposed to horizontally. No use except for when you want to put on a show, in which case cloaks become particularly dramatic.

Diem Wind (dimu win)
Also known as: Diem Wing, Demon Wind
Category: Shamanism / Air
Spell which compresses air, creating temporary strong winds in front of the caster. If the target is a creature, all the spell does is prevent the target from moving forwards for a short while. But, as a defensive spell against things like missile weapons, the casting time is short, making this a very useful spell. Also, this spell can be used while fleeing from targets who it is important not to injure.

Digu Volt (digu voruto)
Also known as: Digger Volt
Category: Shamanism / Air
A lethal spell which shoots out a blast of lightning from the palm of the extended arm. This spell is a stronger version of Mono Volt, and a direct hit by this spell most likely means death. There is also a small chance that targets struck with this spell will catch on fire.
"Wind, crimson flame. Grant the power of thunder to my hand! DIGU VOLT!"

Dill Brand (diru burando)
Also known as: Dare Brando, Explosion Array, Explosive Array
Category: Shamanism / Earth
With the caster at the center, this spell can blast anything upwards within a circular range of the ground, including dirt, rocks, or anyone inside. Since this spell's effects aren't lethal (though the resultant fall might be), it can be used to knock targets unconscious and capture them. In addition, the pillars of displaced dirt and rocks can be used to hide from or blind the target. There is a chance that nearby party members or hired help will also be blasted, but there's little chance they'll perish, so, in a way, there's no need to worry when casting this spell. Of course, there's no harm in exercising caution, either.

Dimilar Wind (dimiraawin)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Spell which creates a powerful wind by shooting a high-pressure ball of air. Wind strong enough to burrow into the ground delivers damage to the target. However, anyone who is within the area of effect of this spell will be blasted away, so caution is necessary.

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