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Vigarthagaia (viigassugaia)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
The spell-caster places his/her hand on the ground and sends out a pulse, which then causes something like an earthquake within a certain area. The shaking is strong enough to destroy a building or to seal the entrance to a cave. This spell doesn't attack living beings directly, but can be used to kill target(s).

Visfarank (visufaranku)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which enchants the user's fists with magic. By striking with fists, it's possible to deal damage directly with the magical energy. It is also possible to deflect spells of a level equal or lesser to Flare Lance. Caution is necessary because the magical energy weakens with each swing.

Vision (vijon)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
A spell which allows an illusion of the spell caster to be projected over far distances and makes it possible to converse normally. A very useful spell, but there must be a mage who can receive the vision, or a special area where a ritual has been performed is needed. Normally used to communicate between mage guilds.

Vlave Howl (vureibu hauru)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
Note: The Encyclopedia Slayers lists Vlave Howl as a Shamanism / Fire spell instead.
Turns a certain area in the line of sight of the spell caster into a pool of magma. Since the spell is directional there is no need to worry about whatever is behind the spell-caster, though the spell does affect a large area so that the spellcaster should throw the spell far enough ahead so as not to be enveloped in the effect.
"Infinite earth, mother who nurtures all life, let thy power gather in my hand! VLAVE HOWL!"

Vun Ga Ruim (vun ga ruim)
Category: Black / Curses
A spell which summons "Black Beasts," low level beasts that live on the Astral Plane. The Black Beasts then touch the target(s) and start draining their mental energy. These beasts can only be harmed by offensive spells of the spirit category, black magic, or white magic.

Vu Raywa (vu reiwa)
Also known as: Stone Ghost
Category: Shamanism / Earth
An original of Naga, the Serpent, this spell calls on the power of Bephimos (the earth spirit) to create dragon statues made of rock, then makes nearby low level spirits possess the statue, turning them into golems. However, this spell is still incomplete, so the shape of the dragons is often inconsistent, and the golems will go berserk.

Vu Vraimer (vu vuraimaa)
Also known as: Spiritual Curse
Category: Shamanism / Earth
A spell which creates a rock golem out of stone walls and rocks lying in the area. The golem obeys the commands of the spell caster -- but only simple commands.

Wind Brid (uindo buriddo)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Creates and shoots several shock waves of wind; basically the wind version of Flare Arrow. Unlike Flare Arrow, though, it is impossible to see, making this spell harder to dodge, but the damage dealt is also less. Another problem is that it isn't as visually exciting.

Windy Shield (windii shiirudo)
Category: Shamanism / Air
Surrounds the spell-caster with a barrier of wind which defends the caster from all attacks. The most popular defensive spell. It is possible for several spell-casters to combine their shields to increase the defense of the barrier and it can be used against all offensive spells. The only problem is that concentration is necessary when this spell is cast, so other spells can not be cast while maintaining the shield.

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